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Energy suppliers in the UK: Renewable providers and Big Six

The United Kingdom has a large number of energy providers that supply residential customers with gas and electricity. Below you can find the suppliers we have reviewed so far to help you compare them.

Renewable and clean energy providers

These energy companies aim to source and supply green electricity and in some cases also renewable gas for their customers.

More UK energy suppliers

Not all gas and electricity suppliers share the same environmental goals as those mentioned above. There are a great number of energy companies in the UK both, bigand small

Big Six

The Big Six is a popular name for the UK energy cartel made up of the six most established companies on the market.

  1. British Gas
  2. EDF Energy
  3. Eon
  4. npower
  5. Scottish Power
  6. SSE

Other UK energy utility companies

The United Kingdom has a massive amount of smaller companies trying to get a slice of the retail energy pie. Here's just a few of them: