Energy guides: renewables and UK industry details

TheSwitch has numerous in-depth guides on UK energy and renewable sectors. Take a look at the guides we have on offer so you can stay informed on how the UK gets its power and moves into a sustainable gas and electricity future.

Sustainable energy

The UK is a leader in some forms of renewable energy production but at the same time the nation could significantly speed up its energy transition if the energy industry backed a wider range of green energy options.

Solar energy holds a lot of promise for a large number of households to get closer to energy independence, not just for regular homes but also for caravans and mobile homes. Our in-depth guide on solar energy will get you up to speed on the topic.

Wind energy is one of the most established sources of renewable energy in the UK. While it is less suitable for personal installations, its market-leading potential at the utility scale end of the energy generation market is undeniable. Our detailed wind power guide leaves no stone unturned.

Hydroelectric energy is probably the oldest form of renewable energy harnessed by humans. Find out more about what hydroelectric dams bring to the table in the UK energy mix. Our well-researched hydro power page has everything you need.

Tidal energy is not as widespread as the previously mentioned sources of green energy. However, it does have one major ace up its sleeve and that is regularity. While renewables are often criticised for their fickle power output no one can argue with the rhythm of the sea. Read up on how this promising and reliable source of energy can turn the tide.

If you need any further convincing on why green energy is the way to go, we also have an easy to read guide about how we all benefit from sustainable power as well as why nuclear energy might seem like an alternative but really isn't.

Energy suppliers

TheSwitch is gradually building up a series of reviews on UK energy providers so you can pick the best gas and electricity company in your area.

Comparing gas and electricity companies

Energy utility companies don't always make it easy to compare them like for like. With a dizzying array of gas and electricity suppliers at your disposal, it's worth picking up a few tips on how to compare them and see how their complaints performance stacks up.

UK energy distribution

Getting energy from A to B is no mean feat. Let's take a look at what it takes to move gas and electricity around the British Isles.

Energy security is no joke when talking about the national grid, industrial scale power stations or the smart meter rollout. Keeping our energy supply secure is a national priority.

Gas distribution is crucial when it comes to keeping the majority of UK homes warm year round. Learn more about how gas gets to your home efficiently.

Energy generation is the foundational layer of the UK energy industry. Find out about how energy is produced in the UK.

Electricity distribution is often called transmission because of how the National Grid works.

Energy market regulators and organisations

The main regulatory bodies in the UK energy business are the Department of Energy and Climate Change and at the retail level Ofgem. At the same time, you have specific industry bodies like the World Association of Nuclear Operators which advise UK nuclear power stations on best practices.

Gas and electricity metering

Smart meters represent one of the most important energy initiatives in the UK since the turn of the millenium. Find out how they can help with transitioning to cleaner energy.

Energy tariffs

There are many kinds of energy tariffs available to UK energy customers. Find out more about what is on offer and what could work for your home.

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