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Energy information: providers and renewable guides

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TheSwitch is dedicated to informing British energy consumers on how their gas and electricity is produced, brought to their homes and the companies involved in billing or metering their consumption. At the same time understanding the benefits of renewable energy helps UK consumers make the right decision in supporting an energy independent and sustainable future. Our latest energy guides can be found above.

Gas and electricity providers

Find out how green your energy company actually is and whether it's better to go with a bigger or smaller supplier.

Energy guides

Most household energy utilities are just retail and service companies who have little to do with how gas and electricity makes it to your home. Our in-depth guides will keep you current with what happens behind the scenes.

Energy producers

Energy producers are the first link in the energy chain because they are the ones who generate the power. They can either use fossil fuels, nuclear energy or greener sources to make electricity or gas.

Energy producers can be big or small in size and generating capacity and they can either operate continuously or only at specified times depending on how they make energy. The important thing is that enough energy is produced to meet national power needs.

While gas can be contained and stored for future use, the same cannot be said about electricity. The way that the UK energy industry works means that electricity needs to be produced and used immediately which has serious implications across all levels of our energy industry.

Some countries, such as Australia, are beginning to implement large-scale battery storage to help maintain electricity supply even when there is a shortfall in production. This type of solution is vital if the UK is to fully commit to the energy transition towards domestic renewable sources.

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