Tonik Energy: Review, Tariffs, Login & Contact

Tonik are a renewable energy supplier on a mission - to provide British households with cheaper, greener energy and halve their energy bills by 2022. It’s an ambitious goal, but they’ve already helped over 50,000 customers join the green energy revolution.

Alongside cheap tariffs and award-winning service, Tonik also supply solar panels and other technology to empower homeowners to generate their own renewable energy. This unique combination makes Tonik one of our top picks from the UK’s green energy market.

Tonik at a Glance

  • Electricity: 100% renewable
  • Gas: 10% green gas
  • Based: Birmingham
  • Founded: 2015
  • Customers: 50,000
  • One of the cheapest green suppliers
  • Award-winning customer service
  • No exit fees or minimum contract
  • 3% interest (when in credit)
  • Supply solar panels and other products

Tonik Energy Review

At The Switch, we’re here to promote the benefits of renewable energy and to help you choose from the best green suppliers in the UK. To help with your decision, here is our independent review of Tonik Energy - one of the rising stars of Britain’s renewable energy market.

1. Customer Service

First up, let's look at one of the most vital elements of any good energy supplier - customer service. Tonik’s website states that they aim to provide excellent customer service. In fact, Tonik think of their customers as ‘members’ of the green energy movement, rather than just another number on a spreadsheet. That’s a refreshing philosophy for an energy company, but do Tonik mean it or is it simply marketing spiel?

Well, in our experience Tonik live up to their promises and offer excellent customer service, both on the phone and via email. We’ve found that most customers praise Tonik’s customer support and comment on how friendly, helpful and efficient their service is over the phone. Customers typically say that Tonik answer the phone very quickly and are usually able to solve their issues without hassle.

“Brilliant customer service! The few times I've phoned for information on my bill, I've always found the staff quick to sort things, well supported by their computer system, cheerful and friendly, and ready to help! Together with a well-priced deal, what more can you ask!”
Colin from Leeds (Trustpilot)

So far so good, but of course Tonik aren’t perfect in all departments and they have received a few negative reviews on review websites such as Trustpilot. Some customers have vented their frustration with delays to resolving their problems or at being kept on hold on the phone for a long time. Others have been left annoyed with Tonik’s website going down, leaving them unable to access their online account.

Typically, Tonik’s customer support team reply to most of these customer reviews through Trustpilot to apologise and offer a solution to the customer’s problem.

All in all, Tonik’s customer service is excellent - award-winning in fact as they recently took home a customer service award at the British Renewable Energy Awards. So if friendly and efficient customer service is high on your priorities, Tonik could be the supplier for you.

For customer service, we rate Tonik:

2. Tariffs & Prices

Next up let’s take a look at their tariffs and pricing. Currently, Tonik offer a range of variable and fixed tariffs with slightly different prices and features. All of them come with 100% renewable electricity, no minimum contract and no exit fees should you wish to leave.

Their basic ‘Positively Green’ tariff is a great option if you only need electricity. If you need gas too, their ‘Positively Greener’ and ‘Positively Greenest’ tariffs come with 10% green gas with the other 90% made up of ‘natural’, fossil fuel-powered gas. This is one of the highest proportions of green gas on the market - ideal if you’re keen on going green.

When it comes to pricing, their tariffs generally represent good value for money and are some of the cheapest in the UK. With their mission of halving customers energy bills, you’d be right to expect one of the lowest prices on the market and Tonik certainly meet this expectation.

Looking at customer’s reviews online, it appears many agree that Tonik’s tariffs are very reasonable. There is no shortage of customers that commented on the low prices and many claim to have saved money on their energy bills after switching to Tonik.

“Just completed my switch over to Tonik from one of the big-6. It has all gone swimmingly and I've not had to do anything. Plus I did a comparison and Tonik is loads cheaper than my old supplier.”
Dan from Birmingham (Trustpilot)

On the flipside however, there are a few slightly cheaper tariffs available with other suppliers and Tonik are not the absolute cheapest on the market.

However, suppliers offering cheaper tariffs can often cut corners in other areas to make up for the lower prices. Some make it difficult to contact them by not publicising their phone number or email address, whilst others have longer call wait times or generally poor customer service.

So whilst there are a couple of cheaper suppliers on the market, overall we think Tonik’s tariffs are worth paying that little extra for when you consider the quality of their customer service.

For tariffs and pricing, we rate Tonik:

3. Bills & Account Management

Unlike the Big Six and other large suppliers, Tonik have only been around for a few years and as such, entered the energy market in an increasingly digital world.

Paper bills are on the way out, and these days a decent website with online account management is expected by many customers, along with correspondence via email instead of post. Tonik customers can access their account through their website and are kept up to date by email.

Their website doesn’t disappoint either and is well-designed, simple to use and easy to navigate. Even the least technologically-savvy customers should have no trouble logging in, viewing and managing their bills, submitting meter readings and updating their personal details.

“The online account is brilliant, works perfectly, lots of information and they even pay interest on credit balances. Email reminders to enter meter readings were always received every month and within minutes of doing so my monthly statement was generated.”

Henners (Trustpilot)

Disappointingly, Tonik don’t have a mobile app. In 2018, you really would expect such a forward-thinking energy company to have an app for customers to manage their account on the go. Perhaps it’s in the works, but for now, customers can still log in to the website on their mobile.

For Bills and Account Management we rate Tonik:

Summing Up

On reflection, Tonik tick most of the boxes you’d expect from your energy supplier including top-notch customer service, a well-designed online account and affordable green energy tariffs.

Although they may not be the absolute cheapest on the market and lack a mobile app, we are still big fans of Tonik and recommend them to customers looking to switch.

Overall, we score Tonik Energy:

About Tonik Energy

Never heard of Tonik Energy or want to know more about them? Read on to discover more about Tonik’s journey to becoming one of the UK’s best green energy suppliers.

Mission & Ethos

Tonik entered the UK’s energy market with the aims of making renewable energy more accessible and affordable for British households and to ultimately 'halve customers’ energy bills by 2022'.

As well as offering the lowest prices possible, Tonik encourage customers to consume less energy and be more in control of their energy consumption through awareness of their usage data and with technology such as smart meters. They also want to empower customers to generate and store energy at home using technology such as solar panels and in-home storage batteries.


To offer the lowest possible tariff prices, Tonik also keep their company’s running costs low and pass these savings on to customers. They also monitor the wholesale prices of energy closely in order to adapt to changes and ensure they always stay competitive.

Tonik also place a great deal of importance on creating strong relationships with their customers - or ‘members’ as they like to call them. They aim to provide excellent customer service and engage with customers more than other providers in order to stand out from their competition.

“In fact, we don’t have customers, we have members... because they are all part of a movement, a genuine change in the energy market rather than just a transaction each month.”
Tonik Energy

Smart Technology

Not content with saving the planet through 100% renewable tariffs alone, Tonik also design, sell and install technology to allow customers to reduce their bills themselves.

Customers can buy solar panels and storage batteries from Tonik in order to generate and store their own green energy at home. This enables customers to effectively use free energy at certain times of the day - and Tonik-supplied energy the rest of the time.

Tonik's Products

  • Smart meters to help customers control how much energy they are using
  • Solar panels to help customers generate their own electricity
  • Solar batteries to store excess electricity generated from the solar panels
  • Electric vehicle chargers to charge electric vehicles at home

This use of tech makes Tonik an innovative mix of energy supplier and technology company - giving them a unique selling point compared with the other renewable energy suppliers in the UK.


Tonik was established in 2015 in Nottingham under the name Pilot Energy. They rebranded as Tonik Energy in August 2016 and relocated to Birmingham. In just two years, they have grown rapidly and recently announced they had reached the 50,000 customers milestone - impressive stuff for such a young company.

Who Owns Tonik Energy?

Tonik was co-founded by Jonathon Hayward, Simon Perkins (Operations Director) and Christopher Russell (Managing Director). In June 2017, Donald Leiper was appointed as Commercial Director.

Certifications & Awards

Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO)

Tonik are fully certified by Ofgem - the organisation that regulates the UK’s energy companies. They are also certified by Ofgem’s Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) scheme which ensures energy suppliers can prove how much of their energy is actually from renewable sources.

As part of this scheme, Tonik must publish their energy mix to show where their energy comes from and ensure they are being transparent with their customers.

Energy Switch Guarantee

Tonik are also registered with the UK’s Energy Switch Guarantee scheme which ensures customers can change their energy suppliers quickly and hassle-free.

All suppliers in the scheme have committed to ensure:

  • The switch will take no longer than 21 days
  • The new supplier will not charge for the switching process
  • Your energy supply will not be interrupted
  • Your new energy supplier will handle the whole process for you
  • You can change your mind and cancel the switch within the first 14 days
Tonik Customer Service Award

The Tonik team with their customer service award. Source:


In 2018, Tonik won the Customer Service Recognition award at the British Renewable Energy Awards in London.

Tonik received the award for "delivering customer service excellence or innovation whilst adding value to their customers".

Tonik's Renewable Energy

Tonik sources 100% of its electricity from renewable sources and 10% of its gas supply from ‘green gas’ - higher than the industry average of around 5% to 6%.

At the moment, Tonik don’t actively generate energy as some suppliers do. Instead, they buy it from various energy-generating suppliers across the UK.

Energy Mix

Tonik's supply of renewable electricity and green gas is made up of 57% sourced from solar power and 43% from anaerobic digestion.

Solar Power


Solar Power

Anaerobic Digestion


Anaerobic Digestion


Renewable Electricity Icon Renewable Electricity


Tonik source 100% renewable electricity from suppliers providing solar power and ‘anaerobic digestion’ - energy generated from landfill gas, plant waste and animal waste.

This waste is broken down and turned into ‘biomethane’ or ‘biogas’ which is gas that can be heated to generate electricity by powering a generator. Who’d have thought you could charge your smartphone or watch your TV using poo-powered electricity?

This form of electricity generation is 100% renewable due to the abundant supply of landfill and organic waste we produce in the UK. Whilst it’s a shame that we produce so much waste as a society, we can all feel slightly less guilty knowing that some of it is being converted into energy to power our homes.

Did you know?Did you know?

As with all suppliers providing 100% renewable electricity, Tonik customers receive the same electricity from the National Grid - a melting pot of electricity sourced from renewable and non-renewable sources. However, for every unit of electricity their customers use, Tonik guarantee to buy and put back an equal amount into the grid that was renewably-sourced.

As renewable energy generation and usage increases in the future, the percentage of renewable electricity customers receive from the grid will increase. Therefore Tonik and other suppliers are helping to increase the renewable portion of the UK’s electricity.

Green Gas IconGreen Gas

Tonik proudly supply 10% of their gas from ‘green gas’, which is also generated from anaerobic digestion of organic plant and animal waste. Unfortunately, green gas is expensive as it’s a new innovation and can’t be produced in large enough quantities to make it affordable at scale. So for now at least, the remaining 90% of Tonik's gas supply is sourced from fossil fuels in the North Sea.

The high cost means very few suppliers can offer more than 10% green gas in their energy mix. However, Tonik’s 10% is actually still higher than the industry average of 5 to 6%. Tonik are also aiming to increase it further as it becomes more cost-effective in the future.

To make up for the remaining 90%, Tonik offer the Positively Greenest tariff. With this tariff, Tonik commit to offsetting the portion of fossil-fuel gas they supply by investing in environmental projects to reduce carbon emissions elsewhere. This effectively makes the gas from this particular tariff 100% carbon neutral.

Tonik Energy Tariffs

Tonik currently offer some of the cheapest renewable energy tariffs available in the UK. They offer four different options with slightly different features, prices and levels of green energy.

Here is an overview of the different Tonik tariffs currently on offer.

  Positively Green Positively Greener Positively Greenest Life Energy
Type of tariff Fixed Fixed Fixed Variable
Renewable electricity 100% 100% 100% 100%
Green gas - 10% 10% -
Natural (fossil-fuel) gas - 90% 90% (offset by Tonik) -
No exit fees tick tick tick tick
No minimum term tick tick tick tick
3% interest reward tick tick tick tick

Business Tariffs

Tonik focus on supplying households and unfortunately do not offer any business tariffs right now. If they ever do in future, we’ll be sure to update this page.

Contact Tonik Energy

Tonik make it easy to get in touch with their customer service team in all the ways you would expect. Whether you have a problem that you need help with or wish to make a complaint, you can contact Tonik with the details below.

Phone Number

0333 344 2686

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Social Media

Facebook icon Twitter icon

Write to

Tonik Energy Ltd, 4th Floor, Lombard House, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, B3 3LP

Tonik Energy Account Login

All Tonik customers receive access to their excellent ‘Tonik Space’ online portal to view and manage your tariff, bills and personal details. To access your account, visit their login page below.

On the login page you can choose to login with your email and password or through your Twitter or Facebook account.

Once logged in you can:

  • Access your bills
  • View your account balance and next payment date
  • View your tariff and recent usage data
  • Submit your meter readings
  • Edit your contact, payment and billing information
  • Refer a friend to Tonik

Login to your Tonik Account

Having trouble logging in to your Tonik account or forgot your Tonik password? Simply click the ‘Don't remember your password?’ link and they’ll email you with a link to reset your password.

Should I Switch to Tonik Energy?

If you’re interested in switching your gas and electricity to an affordable renewable energy provider, then look no further. At The Switch, we highly recommend switching to Tonik Energy.

Not only are they one of the cheapest green energy suppliers in the UK, they also have a lot of positive reviews and are well known for their friendly and efficient customer service. To find out how to switch, simply click the button below.

Make the Switch to Tonik

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