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Sainsbury’s Energy in a nutshell

  • Sainsbury’s Energy is a British Gas partner.
  • Clients accumulate nectar points.
  • Prices are average.

Sainsbury’s Energy’s loyalty programme

What sets Sainsbury’s Energy apart from other electricity and gas suppliers is the possibility of collecting Nectar points by being a customer, which can be spent in various food and drinks, home, travel and entertainment outlets.

Sainsbury’s Energy’s current electricity and gas prices

Sainsbury’s Energy buys its electricity and gas from British Gas. Consequently, its prices are relatively similar. Compared to other suppliers, Sainsbury’s Energy’s electricity and gas prices are average. They are far from being the cheapest or the most expensive, as the table below shows (average annual UK-wide costs for 3,200kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas).

Tariff Conditions Average annual dual-fuel cost (GBP)
Fixed price August 2015 -Fixed prices until 31 August 2015
-£15 annual dual-fuel discount
-£30 per fuel exit fee
-Dual-fuel only
Fixed price April 2016 -Fixed prices until 30 April 2016
-£15 annual dual-fuel discount
-£50 per fuel exit fee
-Dual-fuel only
Fix & Reward August 2015 -Fixed prices until 31 August 2015
-£50 Sainsbury's gift card
-£15 annual dual-fuel discount
-£30 per fuel exit fee
-Dual-fuel only
Standard -Variable prices
-£15 annual dual-fuel discount
-No exit fees
-Single or dual-fuel

Contacting Sainsbury’s Energy

Calling Sainsbury’s Energy

The Sainsbury’s Energy customer service is available on 0800 316 0 316 (0330 100 014 from a mobile) from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm and on Saturdays between 8am and 6pm. These are long operating hours for an independent energy supplier. Unsurprisingly, they are the same as the British Gas customer care hours.

Writing to Sainsbury’s Energy

Customers can write to Sainsbury’s Energy at the following postal address:

Sainsbury’s Energy
PO Box 4805

Sainsbury’s Energy customer reviews

Sainsbury’s Energy complaints performance is included in that of its partner SSE, which received 217,253 complaints in the first quarter of 2014 - Jan-March. Over 82% of these complaints were resolved by the end of the next working day. SEE seems to get fewer complaints - relative to its size - than other suppliers but is not quite as fast in dealing with them. Selected customer reviews can be found on the SSE page.

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