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Solar Power

Solar power uses the sun's energy to generate electricity and accounts for 3.4% of Britain’s total electricity.

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Wind Power

Wind turbines transform the energy of the wind into electricity. Around 14.8% of the UK’s electricity is generated from wind.

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Hydropower uses the strength of flowing water to create electricity and accounts for 1.8% of Britain’s electric supply.

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Tidal Power

Tidal power has huge potential but hasn't yet taken off in the UK. It only contributes a tiny amount of Britain's total electricity.

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Biomass is energy generated from plant and animal waste. It contributes around 9.5% of the UK's total electricity output.

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Geothermal energy is generated from heat inside the earth. The UK has only just begun investing in geothermal power.

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Britain's growing number of green energy suppliers means it's easier than ever to do your bit for the environment, public health and the future of the planet. Going green is a win-win!

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