Welcome to The Switch.co.uk

TheSwitch aims to help energy customers in the Great Britain choose the right electricity and gas supplier. Our energy market is competitive, which is supposed to help households select an energy plan that best suits them. Yet few people can understand an increasingly dense energy market properly, and even fewer switch when there is much money to be saved.

Our objective is to help people see more clearly and make a better choice:

  • Our suppliers section provides a brief description of the electricity and gas suppliers on the energy market in Great Britain.
  • We go through each electricity and gas tariff to help you identify the plan you are on and what might be most advantageous.
  • The transmission and distribution section gives you an idea of how electricity and gas get from production facilities to your home.
  • The generation and production section looks into where electricity and natural gas that fuel your home comes from and what is at stake.
  • The regulation section provides a brief analysis of laws and institutions relevant to the domestic energy market in Great Britain.
  • We answer frequently asked questions on issues from reading electricity and gas meters to which criteria you should prioritise in selecting a supplier.
  • And we look into current affairs issues related to the energy market in the UK to give you up-to-date information.