EDF Energy: Reviews, Tariffs, Energy & Contact

EDF Energy: Reviews, Tariffs, Energy & Contact


EDF at a Glance

  • Electricity: 11.66% renewable
  • Gas: 0% green
  • Based: London
  • Founded: 2002
  • Customers: 5.7 million (2018)
  • 4th biggest energy supplier in the UK
  • Supplies mostly nuclear energy (71%)
  • Only supply 12% renewable energy
  • Generate 1/5th of UK's total electricity
  • Poor service ratings on online review sites

EDF Energy Customer Reviews

In order to help you decide if EDF Energy are the right supplier for you, let's take a look at what some of their existing 5.7 million customers think of their customer service, pricing and more.

Selected positive reviews about EDF Energy

EDF Energy technicians react quickly

“After my fuse blew, my call to the EDF Energy customer service led to a technician coming to my house within an hour.”

EDF Energy is cheap and customer service reacts well

“I’ve been with EDF Energy for a year and a half and they’re still the cheapest supplier in my area. Although their customer helpline isn’t always immediate to pick up, they always get back to me if they don’t have a clear answer to my issue.”

EDF Energy supports nuclear power

Nuclear energy is a good alternative to coal, and EDF Energy’s fuel mix is predominantly nuclear.”

Selected negative reviews about EDF Energy

EDF Energy customers wait a while before speaking to an operator

“[...] but my biggest issue with EDF Energy is that I always hold for at least 15 minutes before speaking to anybody - once, I waited 50 minutes and since nobody picked up, I hung up.”

EDF Energy sometimes changes tariffs and direct debits without warning

“My flat was empty for a while and upon my return I was surprised to find that EDF Energy had changed my tariff and my direct debit in consequence without any warning.”

No payment flexibility

“Though I understand that late payments are penalised, I was surprised to find out that I had been penalised for paying too early!”

EDF Energy complaints performance

During the first quarter of 2014 (January-March), EDF Energy received just over 264,000 complaints, of which 84% were resolved within the next working day. This is a fair score compared to other suppliers. Most complaints (29%) were about billing, though a fair number were also about metering (16%), payments (15%) and customer service (12%). The last 8% of customer complaints were about transfers.

About EDF Energy

EDF Energy, founded in 2002, stems from the merger of SEEBoard, London Energy and SWEB from 1998 to 2002. In 2009, EDF Energy acquired British Energy, the UK nuclear generator, making it the UK’s largest electricity generator.

EDF Energy is a subsidiary of Electricité de France, the French state-owned company. With over 13,000 employees, it supplies electricity and gas to 5.7 million customers. Under the leadership of CEO Vincent de Rivaz, EDF Energy made over £4 billion in revenue in 2013.

EDF Energy - Fuel Mix

EDF owns and operates the UK's nuclear power plants and is increasingly invested in natural gas production and storage:

  • EDF Energy's nuclear, gas and wind power stations account for 17% of total electricity generation capacity in the UK.
  • The EDF Energy-owned Humbly Grove natural gas storage facility accounts for 6.4% of storage capacity in the UK.

The following chart shows the composition of the EDF Energy electricity fuel mix. Given EDF Energy’s ownership of nuclear generation facilities it is not surprising that almost three-quarters of electricity supplied is nuclear. However, it is the Big Six supplier with the smallest renewable energy component.

EDF Energy Prices & Tariffs

EDF offer a range of tariffs including variable, fixed and prepayment options:

  • Easy Online - Fixed prices, online account management
  • Blue + Price Freeze - Fixed prices and no exit fees
  • Energy + Heating Control - Fixed prices and £220 of free smart devices
  • Energy + Boiler Care - Fixed prices and 6 months fee boiler cover
  • Standard Variable - Variable rates, no minimum contract

To compare EDF against the rest of the Big Six and the smaller green suppliers, let's take a look at an example tariff and their prices for a typical 3 bedroom house in London.

To do this we gained quotes from EDF using the UK average annual energy usage of 3,100 kWh of electricity and 12,500 kWh of gas, on a monthly direct debit with a sample London postcode.

  Easy Online Feb 20 (Electricity) Easy Online Feb 20 (Gas)
Type of tariff Fixed price until Feb 2020
Renewable electricity 11.66% -
Green gas - 0%
Exit fees £30 per fuel
Contract Until 29/02/2020
Unit rate 15.73p per kWh 3.76p per kWh
Standing charge 22.39p per day 25.82p per day
Monthly cost £47.44 per month £47.02 per month
Total per month £94.46
Total yearly cost (3 bed house London) £1,133.56

Prices correct as of January 2019

Contact EDF Energy

EDF Energy Phone Numbers

There are various numbers (potential) customers can use to contact EDF Energy. Operating hours are good in the week but less extensive on Saturdays, compared to other suppliers on the UK energy market.

Topic Contact number(s) Operating hours
Account enquiries 0800 056 7777
0800 056 5927
Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm
Sales enquiries 0800 096 2260 Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-6pm
Pay As You Go 0800 015 1733 Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm
Energy efficiency advice 0800 051 1905 Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm
National Gas Service Emergency Line 0800 111 999 24/7

Contacting EDF Energy by mail

Letters to EDF Energy can be sent to:

EDF Energy

EDF Login

EDF customers can access their bills and account online on the EDF website.

To login to your EDF account, simply click the button below to be directed to their website.

EDF Account Login

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