So Energy has established itself as a UK renewable electricity supplier in just a few short years. From the outset, it has tried to present itself as a sustainable energy company that takes the side of residential energy consumers. Does it have what it takes to stand out in the crowded UK energy market?

Our So Energy review will take a look at how the company handles customer support, a breakdown of its current energy tariffs and whether their green energy mix stands up to scrutiny.

So Energy Review

A decent energy company can’t survive on low energy rates alone to attract new customers. Nowadays, all energy providers have one thing in common: they bill people for the energy they use, making them essentially energy retailers. What this means is that how they treat their customers will impact their success and separate them from other energy providers.

Let’s take a look at So Energy reviews online to see how its customer service stacks up.

1. Customer Service

What is immediately clear is that So Energy performs well in terms of customer service. Both Trustpilot and recent Which? energy surveys corroborate the high standards of customer service the provider delivers.

Telephone [...] answered quickly, enquiries [...] dealt with very efficiently, monthly billing [...] sent very promptly

Customer service is all about fostering trust between consumer and company. This is especially necessary for utility services like energy, where the company isn’t selling a tangible product.

This is what So Energy does well, it responds to customers quickly and clearly. When there is a mistake or a misunderstanding, So Energy takes responsibility for misunderstandings or mistakes. This approach encourages customers to trust the supplier.

Rates were sent promptly [...] When the welcome pack arrived it displayed prices different to the quote.

This comment is among a rare selection of negative So Energy reviews which express disappointment at an inconsistency between unit rates and standing charges between an initial quote and actual billing. This is, unfortunately, an extremely common occurrence in the UK energy market and is caused by both confusing billing practices and a lack of consumer awareness.

What is encouraging is So Energy’s personalised response to this specific issue. The provider began by acknowledging that the customer was “provided with the incorrect unit rates”. So Energy then followed up by apologising and trying to make it right: “we were able to transfer you on to the currently available tariff which works out even more beneficial for you.”

This is the level of customer care we like to see from renewable energy suppliers. So Energy is showing its larger competitors how it’s done.

2. Tariffs & Prices

Good customer service, however, will only get you so far. To get customers through the door, energy companies like So Energy need to be able to provide renewable tariffs with competitive pricing.

So Energy is, thankfully, on the cheap side. Its tariffs fall safely under Ofgem's annual price cap for dual fuel tariffs, which we like to see, but are more expensive than some of its competitors.

So Energy (and the other listed providers) are still able to comfortably beat British Gas, which tends to keep its standard variable tariff around the level of the price cap.

Put simply, the provider's pricing is competitive and So Energy reviews reflect this. Customers sign up because of its competitive pricing and they seem to be staying because it remains competitive:

Been with [So Energy] twelve months and renewing again based on price and service after checking against other energy providers.

3. Bills & Account Management

So Energy scores a hat trick with their online energy account management features, having:

  • A well-designed website that is easy to navigate;
  • A mobile-compatible account page, meaning that everything is there at a glance;
  • And fully-featured account management, so that customers can do as much as possible online.

Faultless website with easy to submit meter readings, you can set up reminders to take your meter readings.

The above review hits the nail on the head in terms of describing user-friendly energy management. Easy to submit meter readings are at the core of satisfactory energy service online. Unlike some other providers, So Energy seems to know what it's doing with its web presence; adding value to its energy supply service.

So Energy App

Unlike other renewable providers, such as Pure Planet and many others, So Energy doesn’t currently have a mobile phone app. When it comes to energy management, mobile apps are all the rage, and for good reason - prepayment meter customers can really benefit from them because, when coupled with a smart meter, you can top up your credit without having to leave the house.

So Energy says it has optimised its website for mobile phone screens, however, so this may not be such a huge drawback.

Summing Up

So Energy seems to be good value for money, as well as having great customer care and robust online account management on its side. With competitive renewable tariffs, So Energy should be an attractive option for anyone looking to switch to a green deal.

According to Which?, 88% of So Energy customers surveyed last year said they had no issues with the provider, despite the same survey reporting that the company's call wait times had extended from 38 seconds on average to almost 17 minutes (last updated May 2021). We hope that this doesn't mark the beginning of a downward trend for the provider, which for now customers still seem overwhelmingly happy with.

About - Who are So Energy?

One of the driving reasons for the foundation of So Energy was that in the early 2010s the UK energy sector was held in lower regard than the financial industry and politicians put together, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau in 2015. So Energy came into being to challenge a general distrust of energy companies.

Mission & Ethos

So Energy prides itself of its Low Price Commitment which consists of having just one simple fixed tariff. It also monitors pricing to stay within the top 10% most competitive energy providers. This is done by surveying annual rates for gas and electricity based on an industry-standard median across the UK.

Surprisingly, So Energy also allows its customers to vote for the kind of renewable it will prioritise in its wholesale purchase agreements. This means that customers can choose between solar, wind, hydro, and presumably eventually tidal power too.

Energy Switch Guarantee

So Energy are part of the UK’s Energy Switch Guarantee scheme which makes sure customers can change their energy suppliers without hassle.

All suppliers in the scheme have committed to ensure:

  • The switch will take around 21 days from start to finish.
  • The switching process will be free.
  • The energy supply will not be interrupted or stopped.
  • So Energy will handle the whole process for you.
  • You can change your mind and cancel the switch within the first 14 days.

Who owns So Energy?

Simon Oscroft and Charlie Davies started So Energy together after having both worked as energy traders at Macquarie Group, an Australian investment and financial multinational with a special interest in infrastructure and utilities. This was clearly a formative experience that inspired them to dip their toes into energy retail.

So Energy Tariffs

This is a company that likes to keep things straightforward, and So Energy tariffs reflect this. It has chosen to offer just the one tariff at a fixed rate. By having one tariff, it avoids the pitfalls of larger suppliers, which offer a confusing array of both fixed and variable rate tariffs with only small changes in features or price.

So Energy does also offer an Economy 7 variant of this tariff with lower night rates primarily for homes with storage heaters and no gas supply. This type of tariff is only beneficial if you use at least 40% of your electricity overnight. If your home does not fall under that category, or if you have a gas supply as well, don’t even consider Economy 7 - you will end up paying more than with a regular tariff.

So Energy tariffs fall on the cheap side for any type of supplier, let alone a 100% renewable one. For those looking to lower their carbon footprint on a budget, it's ideal - in the next section, we're going to go into just where the provider's renewable energy comes from.

Fuel Mix

So Energy provides 100% renewable electricity and conventional gas. This is very much in line with what the rest of the renewable energy industry does due to the much larger supply of sustainable electricity when compared to green gas

Renewable Electricity

So Energy has a unique approach to its renewable energy mix. Every year, it allows its customers to vote for their preferred source of green electricity. This means that households supplied by So Energy can pick from amongst several renewable electricity sources and the company will construct its energy mix based on the vote. Here are the environmentally responsible options on offer:

Did you know?Just like with other suppliers providing 100% renewable electricity, So Energy customers get the same electricity as anyone else from the National Grid. However, for every unit of electricity their customers use, So Energy guarantee to purchase and therefore contribute an equivalent amount back into the grid from renewably sources.

As renewable energy generation and usage increases in the future, the percentage of renewable electricity customers receive from the grid will increase as wholesale prices for green energy fall. So Energy and other suppliers, such as Octopus Energy, are helping to increase the renewable portion of the UK’s electricity, which we can only commend.

Green Gas

So Energy does not supply green gas currently which represents a fairly standard practice across the industry. This is because while renewable electricity generation has been developed relatively extensively, the same cannot be said about green gas.

The primary methods of producing green gas, biomass and anaerobic ingestion, are nowhere nearly as widespread as wind energy or hydroelectric power, for example. However, there are suppliers out there that focus on providing green gas with the two main ones being Green Energy UK and Ecotricity.

So Energy Login

So Energy has a robust online account management page that will allow you to swiftly carry out most of your energy-related queries and formalities:

  • Changing your contact details
  • Renewing your tariff
  • Submitting meter readings
  • Setting up meter reading reminders
  • Checking past bills
  • Checking unit rates and standing charges

You can access your account to use these features via the So Energy login page on the provider's website. As we've mentioned above, however, the provider does not offer an app, though the website should work well on your mobile if you search for it in your browser.

If you've forgotten your password, you can click the link that says 'Forgotten password' just above the login button and get a reset link sent to the email address you signed up with.

So Energy smart meter

Initially, So Energy was transparent in not embracing smart meters, as the technology was not without its disadvantages, but with the introduction of the SMETS2 meter the provider is now fully on board with the government rollout.

What’s the difference between SMETS1 and SMETS2?SMETS1 meters only work with the supplier who installed the meter in the first place. This means that, once you find a new and better tariff, you're stuck with a meter which no longer has smart functionality. SMETS2 meters, on the other hand, operate around a central server which all suppliers have access to. This means that your smart meter will stay smart no matter how often you switch.

Are you an existing customer interested in getting a So Energy smart meter installed? Just email them at [email protected] to let them know you're interested and they will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment when the rollout reaches your area.

Warm home discount

So Energy customers could receive the Warm Home Discount if they qualify either as a member of the Core Group or as a part of the Broader Group. If you fall under the Core Group, you will be notified automatically and receive the £140 discount automatically.

If you think you qualify under the Broader Group, you'll need to get in touch with So Energy to apply. The full criteria for eligibility is to be found on the provider's website. Bear in mind that the criteria changes year on year and you'll need to apply every year separately - there is no guarantee of success, as the discount is given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Warm Home Discount is not the be-all and end-all!Certain providers that don't offer the discount could save you more than £140 a year on energy vs some providers that do - making the discount totally redundant in some cases!

So Energy contact number

Looking for an So Energy contact number? Whether you have a problem that you need help with or wish to make a complaint, you can contact So Energy using the details below.

Department So Energy phone number Opening hours
General inquiries 0330 111 5050 Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

If you'd rather not wait arouhnd to speak to someone over the phone, you can email So Energy at [email protected] and an agent will get back to you.

Looking for a number to use in case of an emergency?So Energy customers, or customers of any supplier, should report gas emergencies by calling 0800 111 999, which is a 24-hour emergency line for customers of any provider. To report a power cut, call 105.