Technology and the environment: a better tomorrow

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Technology and the environment: a better tomorrow

TheSwitch follows the latest developments in the technology domain to see how they can help the UK lower pollution, carbon emissions and make our innovative nation more environmentally-friendly. Our coverage centres around fresh technological discoveries and improvements throughout energy, transport and consumer product sectors.

Technology Guides

Our detailed and informational guides delve into the latest technical marvels that can make a difference both at the commercial and consumer ends of the market. We aim to cover recent engineering, scientific or product advancements which can have a positive impact on the environment as well as wider social or market trends relating to sustainable energy use.


The British energy sector is undergoing major changes as new technologies are being adopted at all stages of the energy cycle. Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful aspects of the energy transition to renewables:

Blockchain: peer to peer gas and electricity

Blockchain comes from the world of cryptocurrency to disrupt how energy is bought and sold. Will regular energy companies be able to take the next step? Find out if they’ll get left behind when it comes to frictionless transactions that blur the line between energy consumer and producer.

Solar panels and the UK market

With more than a million households using solar power to meet their energy needs, it’s time to take a look at the role that solar panels, and the industry that installs them, play throughout the UK. Is cost still preventing wider adoption?

Kinetic Tiles: Harvesting energy from footsteps

Kinetic floor tiles could become commonplace in tomorrow’s smart cities and high foot traffic venues. We evaluate the financial argument for adopting this kind of technology as well as some unexpected benefits for retail clients. Step on it if you want to learn more!

Air source heat pumps

The UK is starting to warm up to the idea of Air Source Heat Pumps (AHSP). Find out more about the different manufacturers available in the UK as well as the reliability and environmental benefits they offer. See how much they cost and whether your home can benefit from this boiler alternative.

Ground source heat pumps

This guide explains how this kind of heat pump works as well as how it can have the most positive impact. Check out how ground source heat pumps could meet your household heating and hot water requirements sustainably.


Electric cars are finding a growing audience worldwide. The UK is not getting left behind in the sustainable mobility revolution. Find out how EV platforms and battery designs can meet commercial and consumer needs as well as how these developments are going to change the car market as we know it.

Electric and hybrid cars: UK costs and grants

The UK sustainable vehicle market is heating up. Competing brands and approaches are contending for a bigger slice of this emerging market. The British government and UK energy providers are encouraging EV uptake through a number of incentives and special tariffs.

Caravan solar panels: how do they work?

Driving around and living mortgage-free on four wheels is the dream for some. Solar panels that are specifically designed for campers and tiny homes can go a long way to helping mobile homeowners maintain their self-sufficient lifestyles.

Make sure you also check out our technology blog articles to keep abreast on the latest news from the cutting edge.

Technology Manufacturers

Find out more about the companies doing their bit for the environment.

Car manufacturers

Electric vehicles are on the cusp of breaking out into the mainstream as battery technology becomes more affordable.

Dyson cancels their electric car project

Find out more about the innovative battery technology and design directions Dyson was planning to take its EV concept.

Storage heating

While UK residential energy policy pushed hard for gas boilers in the 90s, more and more people are starting to question the benefits of those policies that traded short term savings for long term British energy independence and environmental pitfalls.

While there are many home heating solutions vying for dominance, storage heaters have been around for some time in the UK and new models are providing higher standards of efficiency and comfort every day. Let’s take a look at who the main players are:

Dimplex Storage Heaters

Dimplex is a leading manufacturer of storage heaters, bringing increasingly power-efficient designs to market. Dimplex storage heaters come in a couple of different variants that aim to provide decent comfort and cost-efficiency. The company has been around for about 70 years and works across the full range of heating technologies including air source heat pumps.

Quantum Storage Heaters: the Dimplex flagship model

Find out if the high heat retention design of the Quantum line of electric storage heaters results in better performance for your home.

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