Make the Switch to cleaner energy.

Make the Switch to cleaner energy.

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If you’re thinking of switching energy provider, it’s worth considering whether you might be able to go green and switch to a cleaner supplier in the process. You might be worried about it being expensive or too much hassle - let us set these doubts aside for you and tell you how you can switch hassle-free, save money and get a cleaner energy supply.

How to switch to cleaner energy

Switching through our partner Selectra lets you easily make the change to a cleaner energy provider without getting out of your chair. You can either call the number above, which will connect you to an expert who will talk you through the options you can switch to, or compare deals yourself online - to do this just follow these simple steps:

1. Enter your postcode

Enter your postcode in the postcode checker above and click the Compare Deals button to get started.

2. Current supply and usage

Next, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your current supply and usage to calculate your spending. If you don’t have all the details, don’t worry, but the more information you give the better the estimate you’ll get. Here’s all the information it’ll be handy to have to hand to get a good idea:

  1. The type of energy you want to compare (gas or electricity or both).
  2. Your provider.
  3. The type of plan you’re on.
  4. The date your contract expires.
  5. What sort of meter you have.
  6. How you pay for your gas/electricity.
  7. How much gas/electricity you use (their calculator can give you an estimate if you’re not sure).

3. Compare deals

Look through the deals available to you and see how much you could save - it could be as much as £321 a year. Once you’ve decided, simply click the I Want This Plan button to the right of the deal you fancy.

4. Enter your details

Once you’ve chosen your deal, the next page will require you to enter your details - here are all the details you’ll need to have to hand in order to complete the form:

  1. Your full name and date of birth.
  2. Phone numbers (daytime number, evening number and mobile).
  3. Your email address.
  4. The address of the house whose supply you’re looking to change.
  5. Whether or not you have a smart meter.
  6. Your preferred mode of communication.
  7. Your bank details for payment.

5. Confirm the switch

The last step is to confirm your details and that you’re ready to switch, which you do with the click of a button. You’ll then receive confirmation from your new energy provider.

Don’t go for a deal based just on price

When you’re comparing deals, they will appear in order of price and how much they will save you. This is, of course, important, but you should also pay attention to the star rating each supplier receives for its service quality. Equally important is that you can also filter by feature - choose the Green plans filter to only see deals from providers that will give you a cleaner energy service.

Why switch to cleaner energy?

The short answer is that you should switch to cleaner energy because it’s the right thing to do. Around 85% of the UK’s energy is still sourced from fossil fuels, the depletion of which is destroying our planet’s supply of natural resources and causing irreparable damage to our atmosphere, our seas, our health and the health of all other life on the planet.

What makes some energy sources cleaner?

The 15% of the UK’s energy that isn’t sourced from fossil fuels is sourced from a mix of solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric plants and larger dams. Otherwise known as renewable energy sources, these methods generate power from naturally unlimited sources such as sunlight, wind energy and tidal energy, which do minimal damage to the environment.

Climate change deniers will have something to say about whether we should be as worried about the effect of burning fossil fuels on the environment, but we hope to put these doubts to bed in our article on the evidence for climate change.

Either way, fossil fuels, unlike renewable energy sources, are finite and will eventually be exhausted. By getting behind cleaner energy now rather than waiting until we run out of finite fossil fuel resources, you’re investing in developing and perfecting renewable energy so that it works when these resources do run out.

Can switching to cleaner energy save me money?

Apart from a cleaner conscience, signing up for a cleaner energy deal can be easier on your wallet. In the past, renewable generators were less common, which meant that niche renewable energy suppliers charged a hefty sum for that clean conscience. Nowadays, however, renewable electricity is as cheap as that which is sourced from fossil fuels.

Weeks now go by in which the national grid doesn’t need to resort to burning coal at all, and the cost of wind power has come down to between 0.03 and 0.05 per kWh - which can be less than half of what we pay for fossil fuels. Plenty of companies, such as Tonik and Octopus, now claim to be 100% renewable and be able to save you a bundle on energy.

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