Manufacturers with greener and cleaner products

Manufacturers with greener and cleaner products

Companies big and small are finding solutions and creating products that respect the environment and help make the world a better place. Find out more about what makes them tick as well as their successes and challenges as businesses on the cutting edge.

Forward-thinking car makers


Find out what Dyson had in mind before cancelling its electric vehicle efforts.

Storage heating companies

For homes that do not have access to natural gas, heating can get expensive very quickly. Storage heaters let you take advantage of dual-rate tariffs, like Economy 7, to load up with heat when electricity is cheap. The heater design holds on to the heat for up to 24 hours, so that it can be released when needed without having to turn the heater on. Let’s take a look at the companies that manufacture this type of heater.


Dimplex has been involved in electric heating solutions since the 1970s and recently partnered up with SSE to trial a new range of storage heaters.

Dimplex Quantum

The top of the line Quantum heaters are supposed to have superb heat retention capabilities. Find out more about how they can help you save energy and keep your home warm.

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