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SSE SWALEC: Tariffs, Reviews, Login & Contact


SWALEC is SSE’s trading name for Wales and stands for South Wales Electricity. Its fuel mix was unfortunately coal-based with a fair share of natural gas. Their prices are relatively high compared to other suppliers because they are nothing more than an SSE brand, having being bought out by the Big Six giant in 2000.

SWALEC Customer Reviews

In general, SWALEC fares relatively well in terms of customer service but customers sometimes find the supplier expensive compared to others, which is a fair point. Insofar as SWALEC and SSE use the same customer service, have a look at our SSE customer reviews section to see what SWALEC customers have to say. However here are a couple of real reviews of the kind of customer service offers.

Got a bill from SSE saying I owed them £1,838 despite me telling them the house was unoccupied for 6 months.
Angela, former SSE customer.

Frustrations run high when it comes to billing errors, perceived or actual. The key to being a successful energy company in the UK is having accurate billing and clear communication about tariffs and policies with customers.

I receive both my gas and electric supply from SWALEC. Today I attempted to call to ask when the meter reader would call as he was now overdue. I made three calls and was twice cut off.
Susan, former SSE customer.

With both of these reviews being from this past year, customer outlook is worrying. The second review illustrates a common issue with the retail energy sector. Customers are often ill-informed or apathetic about their supplier, energy tariff costs and billing practices.


As an SSE trading name, SWALEC complaints performance is included in that of SSE. The supplier received 217,253 complaints in the first quarter of 2014, of which 82.11% were resolved by the end of the next working day. This is a relatively small number of complaints given SSE’s size compared to the other Big Six suppliers (except for Scottish Power) but SSE is not the fastest in complaints handling.

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Who are SWALEC?

SWALEC is SSE’s trading name for Wales, like Scottish Hydro for Scotland and Southern Electric for Southern England. However, before SSE came into the picture in 2000, SWALEC was one part of the South Wales Electricity Board alongside SWALEB. This means that SWALEC came into being in 1990 before privatization was started by John Major’s government of the time.

Historically, SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) is the result of the 1998 merger between the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board and the Southern Electricity Board. The SSE brand dates back to 2010. However, SWALEC was initially sold to British Energy (later bought by EDF Energy) in February 2000 before being purchased by SSE in August 2000 for £210 million.

Why did SSE buy SWALEC?

According to the 2000 Ofgem report on the acquisition, SSE is a wholly vertically integrated energy company that controls energy at various stages from production to supply. SWALEC, on the other hand, operated primarily as a supply business through BERM (it’s parent company).

SWALEC provided SSE with the tools for market penetration outside of its traditional areas of influence. This was crucial at the turn of the millennium since the UK energy market was still undergoing deregulation and there wasn’t sufficient process maturity for customers to easily switch from their traditional regional energy suppliers.

SWALEC’s first purchaser was actually Welsh Water which had only recently become a private concern itself. The rationale behind the acquisition was being able to find market synergies between the two types of utility company: water and power. The SWALEC brand outlasted the organization in the sports arena with rugby SWALEC championship being an ongoing example.

SSE is involved in energy generation, distribution and supply. It employs 18,500 people with Alistair Phillips-Davies as its CEO. In 2013, SSE revenue was £28 billion, and the supplier provided electricity and gas to 9.6 million domestic and business customers.

The SSE SWALEC and Sophia Gardens

The Cardiff Wales Stadium inked a ten-year sponsorship deal with SWALEC back in 2008 for an unprecedented £1.5 million. While it was initially called SWALEC Stadium, the name changed to The SSE SWALEC in 2015 to reflect SSE’s ownership of the company. In 2018, SSE chose not to renew the naming rights which heralded the return of the stadium’s longstanding name.

The Glamorgan County Cricket Club calls the stadium home and the venue has hosted international cricket test matches since 1999. The stadium can welcome over 15,000 cricket fans for major sporting events such as the recent Cricket World Cup.


As an SSE trading name, SWALEC uses the SSE fuel mix, which relies predominantly on coal (54%) and natural gas (28%), as shown in the chart below:

SSE is too reliant on fossil fuels like coal and natural gas which explains its high prices for customers. Nowadays green suppliers are able to buy clean and renewable electricity at competitive market rates. The excuse that renewables, such as solar, wind, tidal and hydro, are expensive is no longer valid in this day and age, where for example the first seven days of May this year were spent completely coal-free, according to Sky News.

“The UK has gone seven days without burning any coal to generate electricity - the longest stretch without the fossil fuel since the Industrial Revolution."
Alexander J Martin, Sky News

Clearly, it is time to leave the industrial revolution behind when it comes to en energy sources for power generation. Here at theSwitch, we urge all energy suppliers big and small to fully embrace green electricity and gas not only for a better future but also for increased British energy independence.

The truth is that nowadays there are many alternatives that offer exactly the same electricity and gas as SWALEC and its parent company SSE but for less and from much greener sources. It’s worth checking out energy companies like Octopus, Tonik and Bulb.

SWALEC Tariffs & Prices

SWALEC has the same three tariffs as SSE: a one year fixed plan, a three-year fixed plan and a variable price plan. In Wales, where SWALEC operates, its prices are relatively high compared to other suppliers and its the most expensive of the Big Six for a one-year fixed plan and a standard (variable) plan.

The following are the average estimated annual costs for SWALEC dual-fuel plans in Cardiff and Liverpool, the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s reference cities for the two SWALEC regions. Ofgem’s average consumption is 3,200 kWh/year for electricity and 13,500 kWh/year for gas.

Tariff Conditions Cardiff estimated annual cost Liverpool estimated annual cost

1 Year Fixed Price

- Fixed energy prices during one year
- £50 exit fee per fuel (so £100 dual fuel)



Fixed Price Mar 17

- Fixed energy prices until 31 March 2017
- £50 exit fee per fuel (so £100 dual fuel)




- Variable tariffs
- No contract end date
- No exit fees




Loyal SWALEC customers can access their bills and account online on the main SSE website by clicking “My Account” in the top right corner. To login, you will need to have successfully registered and linked your account number. Here at theSwitch, we recommend that you use a computer or tablet to access your online account in order to get a frustration-free experience.

Once successfully logged in, you’ll be able to carry out a number of common tasks to manage your gas and electricity billing options and service.

  • Live chat available directly within your account profile. You can get assistance without having to call.
  • View full copies of your bills for up to 2 years. This can help clarify billing issues stemming from estimated billing.
  • Your online account will also give you real-time smart meter data from the comfort of your computer.
  • Submit your own meter readings and keep your balance current.
  • Pay bills and outstanding balances online.

Login to your SSE Account

There is currently no app for SSE SWALEC households which means that the online website is the only option for managing gas and electricity accounts. Other large energy providers have been able to develop apps which are particularly useful to prepayment customers who need a convenient way to top up their accounts. Additionally, apps are able to reduce the cost of the smart meter rollout since they prevent the need to supply an in-home display for most customers

How to register

Before being able to log in to your account, you will need to register as a former SWALEC customer now with SSE. To do so, you will need to furnish some basic information to get going with your account.

  • The bill payer’s first and last name
  • Email address to be entered twice to avoid frustrating typos down the line.
  • A password that must be entered twice to ensure it is correctly entered.
  • The bill payer’s phone number.

Once you have entered all that information correctly and you have set your email notification preferences, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to validate your brand new account. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you’ll be taken back to the SSE account profile section.

You will be asked to enter a product account number which is made up of 10 digits without any spaces or other characters (punctuation marks or letters). This number will match up your online account with your energy or other services that you may get from the company. Once entered you will be able to manage your account online. This number can be found either in your welcome packet or on your bill.

Registration troubleshooting

Here are a couple of easy things you can do if your registration and account onboarding are not going as planned.

If the issue comes from accidentally entering an incorrect email address then your best option to restart the registration process anew but this time with a functioning email address.

  • If the welcome email has not reached your inbox a day, you should call 0345 070 0523 to sort out your access.

Business energy login

Business energy account management can also be done online through the new SSE branded login page. You just need to have your username and password ready to enter in the box titled BEC login.

Before being able to seamlessly sign in you will need to sign up which involves providing some more information. After having picked what user category you fall under, business customer or energy consultant being the two options, you will select the following details:

  • Username with at least 6 characters that have to be letters or numbers.
  • Password at least 8 characters long
  • Security question that will help you recover your account if you forget your password.
  • Security answer that will validate your account recovery.
  • Personal details including: name, phone number, fax number and business email.


SSE SWALEC make it easy to get in touch with them by telephone or post.

By telephone

SWALEC has several telephone numbers, depending on the at hand. Some phone numbers have automated servers (e.g., meter readings). SWALEC telephone customer care operating hours are relatively long compared to other suppliers. It is also useful to know that many issues can be dealt with directly online from customer accounts.

Topic Contact number(s) Operating hours

Switching to SWALEC

0800 975 7542

0845 070 2134 (installations)

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

Moving home

0800 107 9639

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

Meter readings

0800 107 3205



0800 980 9649


Pay as you go

0800 980 0425 (electricity)

0800 980 0424 (gas)

0800 980 2841 (moving house)

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

General enquiries

0800 980 9041

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm


0800 052 5252

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

National Gas Service Emergency Line

0800 111 999


By post

Letters to SWALEC can be sent to the following postal address:

Inveralmond House
200 Dunkeld Road

By social media or online

They have a robust online presence on popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Additionally, they provide a contact form for anyone with general inquiries about the company and their services. You will have to enter first name, last name, UK postcode, street address and phone number online before being able to formulate your inquiry.