Meet the team at The Switch

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Who are the team at The Switch?

The Switch is a website focused on renewable energy in the UK and helping customers save money at the same time as they are saving the environment. Below you can learn more about our website contributors.

We partner with Selectra, an energy advice service with the goal of helping energy customers save money on their bills. They empower British customers to save money on their energy bills and find solutions to their energy queries. Their energy experts have helped thousands of people save on their gas and electricity bills through their British-staffed call centre.

  • Danielle Lyon Danielle Lyon

    Danielle Lyon

    Head of content

    Danielle is an SEO fanatic and loves creating engaging content. She has experience researching, writing and publishing for a wide range of websites covering tourism, beauty and recruitment. She joined the team at The Switch in April 2018 as an energy copywriter where she dove into the fascinating world of renewable electricity and gas.

  • James Santaeularia James Santaeularia

    James Santaeularia

    Senior Content Editor

    James writes about renewable energy industry growth in the UK. His areas of interest include national energy independence in the face of Brexit and peer-to-peer electricity trading.

  • William Morris William Morris

    William Morris

    Content editor

    Even as a student of literature, Will always had one eye on new energy and never overpaid a penny on his electricity and gas. He worked as a copywriter and then as a journalist before realising his life's purpose and joining Selectra in January. He now dedicates himself to decrying poor customer service and championing affordable energy tariffs.