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The UK energy sector is advancing quickly to meet the challenges posed by increasing consumer standards and the 2050 climate crisis goals set by the UK government. Technology is providing practical solutions across the market, from better heating options to unobtrusive energy harvesting tiles.

Current energy technology guides

Here at The Switch, we aim to inform the British public about how technology will impact the way they use it and pay for it.

Air Source Heat Pumps: how they work, costs, reviews

Learn about how air source heat pumps work as well as the benefits and drawbacks they have when compared to other home heating and hot water options.

Ground source heat pumps: how the work, cost, UK grants

Find out more about another type of home heating that is not as prevalent in the UK as it is in other countries. See what GSHP installation options are available for your home.

Solar Panels & Tiles UK: Costs, Grants & Manufacturers

Solar panels are the most popular option for UK households looking for a way into renewable energy and self-sufficiency. Find out if they are the green solution for your household.

Blockchain for electricity and gas: decentralized energy trading

This guide will help you understand what blockchain actually is and what it has to do with smart energy trading.

Energy Harvesting: Pavegen and the Rise of Kinetic Tile Tech

Pavegen is a leader in the smart energy harvesting sector and an ambassador for British innovation abroad. Find out how their kinetic tiles work.

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