Energy producers: no gas or electricity without them

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Renewable energy producers may come in all shapes and sizes but they represent the future of energy in the UK where large power stations spewing pollution or filled to the brim with toxic materials will eventually be a thing of the past. The energy producers listed here work with renewable or low carbon energy sources.

Energy producer profiles

Here is a list of notable companies and sites involved in renewable energy production in the UK.

Dinorwig Hydro power station

Dinorwig represents the UK National Grid front line when it needs to rapidly respond to increases in electricity demand. Find out more about the capabilities of the unique Welsh site in our in-depth Dinorwig guide.

Swansea Lagoon Project

Find out the latest information on the status of the ambitious Swansea Lagoon project. A potential tidal powerhouse of unprecedented proportions.

Templeborough biomass power station

This power station burns wood chips and carpentry waste to generate low carbon electricity. Templeborough started operating recently and is a good example of a renewable power station benefitting the surrounding community. Find out more about this cutting-edge biomass power project.

Pentland wood chips and logs

Pentland Biomass got its start when a well-established Glaswegian plant nursery was looking for an energy-efficient way to heat a large greenhouse using a wood chip powered heating system.

The project was successful that a new venture spun out to provide others with wood chip fuel as well as building and installation of biomass-based boilers and heating systems. Find out more about their low-carbon biomass products and services.

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