Dimplex storage heaters: economy 7 savings and instructions

Dimplex has been manufacturing electric heating products for the past 70 years. Their storage heaters help households that do not have access to gas heating save money on electricity bills while staying warm at home. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this range of heaters and how to use them correctly.

Dimplex storage heater range

Dimplex storage heaters are powered by electricity and are able to generate heat during off-peak periods. They then retain that heat for a period of time so it can be used when needed. When off peak heaters release their stored heat, they don’t need to use the significant amounts of electricity regular heaters require to warm a room throughout the day. This is why storage heaters are more economical than conventional electric heaters.

These are the different kinds of off-peak storage heater available on the market:

  1. Manual off-peak heaters require someone in the house to manually set dials on the unit to determine how much heat should be stored and for how long. Only older homes have this type of obsolete model which can often to energy waste or a cold home due to human error. Dimplex no longer offers manual storage heaters, opting for newer models with more automation and convenience.
  2. Automatic storage heaters are significantly more convenient because they adapt how much heat they hold according to ambient temperature. They only need to store the heat that is needed to reach a specific target temperature during the day. All in all, they are much more energy-efficient than the earlier manual models because they require less human input.
  3. Combo storage heaters operate in the same way as their automatic siblings. However, they can also run just like a standard electric heater during the day. This is in addition to their primary storage function, meaning that if more heat is required at a certain time of day people don't need to wait until the next heating cycle. This conventional heating function should be used sparingly however to prevent high energy bills.
  4. High-efficiency storage heaters have simplified controls that help with ease of use in most households. The high-efficiency rating comes from the premium insulation used to significantly reduce heat loss during the storage phase. However, these models also need assistance from an internal fan to get the heat to come out into the room evenly.

Dimplex offers three models as part of its storage heater range. Let’s see what features they have and how they line up with the different heater types we’ve seen so far.

XLSN/XLE off-peak heater

These are automatic storage heaters that allow you to take advantage of low-cost electricity during cheaper time periods offered by dual-rate tariffs such as Economy 7. It’s worth noting that the XLSN line has now been discontinued. The XLE line has now taken its place because it’s Lot 20 compliant, unlike its predecessor.

The XLE storage heaters come in a whole range of flavours when it comes to input rating. You can pick between five options that go from 1.02kW all the way up to 3.3kW. The input rating the customer chooses depends on the size of the room the heater will be located in.

Pricing increases according to the input rating, starting at just under £600 and topping off at over £850 for the most powerful variant.

CXLS storage and conventional heater

This combo storage and conventional heater model was discontinued in January 2018 to meet European Lot 20 legislation which mandates higher standards of energy efficiency. However, it’s possible to find homes that have this heater type installed as it is still compliant with older efficiency standards as well as all safety regulations.

Dimplex has designated the XLE 100 model as its energy-efficient successor because it complies with the latest regulations for new products and offers better performance across the board.

Quantum high-retention off-peak heater

This is the flagship Dimplex storage heater providing a high-efficiency rating thanks to its premium insulation materials. It’s also worth noting that this model is built in the UK and Dimplex has partnered with OVO energy to offer discounts on their Quantum range when you switch supplier.

Check out our full Dimplex Quantum guide

Off-peak Economy 7 savings with Dimplex

Dimplex storage heaters allow you to benefit from cheaper Economy 7 rates during off-peak periods that usually run during the night time. These cheaper rates usually occur during a 6 or 7-hour stretch anywhere between 11PM and 7AM according to your off-peak geographical area.

If your home is equipped with storage heaters or you are considering switching to electricity only storage heating, then you should ensure you have the ability to switch to an Economy 7 tariff. Be aware that not all energy suppliers offer Economy 7 tariffs.

Off-peak rates are significantly cheaper than peak rates, sometimes by as much as half. Peak rates, on the other hand, are only a few pence higher than regular single-rate tariff rates offered by bog-standard tariffs.

If you only have electricity in your home and are able to shift energy-intensive tasks to be done in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, then you will benefit from Economy 7 and storage heating. Here are some examples of the type of things that use up a lot of energy and are best left for the cheaper night rate:

  1. Heating your home
  2. Getting water hot for the shower
  3. Using the oven
  4. Cooking
  5. Using the washing machine or clothes dryer
  6. Using the dishwasher

Dimplex storage heaters can help you be both energy and cost-efficient through convenient features like smart timers that ensure the heater operates only when electricity is cheap.

Dimplex storage heater instructions

Once your storage heater has been safely installed by a trained professional, it’s time to get started with its settings. Let’s take a look at some quick-start steps to get your Dimplex heater working correctly.

XLE line

You can find a control panel on the top of the heater which is made up of an LCD display and six touch-sensitive that give access to all the relevant functions.

Dimplex XLE storage heaters are fitted with a thermostat that lets you set the temperature for the room where the heater unit is located in. The lowest temperature you can set is 7ºC while the highest is 26ºC. A normal temperature range would be anywhere between 16ºC and 21ºC, depending on whether you’re sleeping or sitting sofa catching up on Eastenders.

The display screen on the unit allows you to easily access the main menu functions through the menu button:

  • Date and Time must be set correctly so that the XLE storage heater operates during the correct off-peak period.
  • The Mode function lets you select different ways of operating the heater. The setting you choose is bound to have an impact on energy consumption.
  • The Options function lets you set your preferences for keypad beep sound volume as well as turning daylight savings time on or off.
  • The Back function lets you cycle through previously accessed options.

Most value adjustments are done with the up and down arrow buttons. This lets you find the correct values more precisely than with dials.

When the heater is releasing stored heat, you will see the words “Comfort On” on the screen. Conversely, when the heater is not outputting heat, such as during the night, the display will say “Comfort Off”.

The “Out All Day” and “Holiday” settings should only be used when you are planning to be absent for an extended period of time. If you have pets, you should ensure your home temperature remains sufficient for their comfort. Dimplex recommends a minimum temperature of 7ºC to protect your home from frost.

The heater sustains room temperatures through three settings:

  1. Boost will heat a room to a target temperature set by you for up to three hours.
  2. Auto Boost extends the boost function past the three-hour limit, even when all the stored heat has been released.
  3. The Setback option can be jokingly referred to as the nuclear option. Essentially, it turns on heat release even during the off-peak periods when the heater is supposed to be gathering it up. This setting is there to tackle extreme weather events that could bring about significant temperature drops.

Quantum heater instructions

You can find all the details and instructions for the Dimplex flagship line on our dedicated Quantum page.

Storage heater troubleshooting FAQ

This section will help you to find answers to common questions Dimplex customers may have.

1. Why is my heater noisy? Is it broken?

The heater will make noise as it runs because the fan will be operating to release heat during “Comfort On” periods. Additionally, as the heater gathers up warmth in its storage core, the metal body and frame will expand which may produce a slow rattling sound. It’s worth noting that certain home fixtures and flooring types, such as hard floors, can exacerbate the sound that is generated.

2. Why is my Dimplex XLE heater not running?

The heater only releases heat when the room temperature is lower than the thermostat value on the heater display. Once the room temperature falls below that, the heater will begin to release heat.

3. Why can’t I change the settings on the heater display?

If the display and control buttons are unresponsive, the most likely explanation is that the child lock has been engaged.

You can both lock and unlock the controls using the following key combination: press the Back and Enter buttons together for two seconds.

4. Why can’t turn on Boost Mode on my XLE heater?

The most common reason for Boost Mode not being accessible is that someone may have turned on the Landlord Lock Mode. This is a PIN-protected mode which deactivates boost mode and prevents other people from changing the timer mode.

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