Quantum storage heaters: flagship technology from Dimplex

Dimplex claims that Quantum storage heaters deliver cutting edge performance by combining the best of high retention and space heating technologies. They achieve this by taking advantage of the off-peak periods in Economy 7 tariffs when electricity is cheaper. Let’s take a look at the features of this model and see if it can meet your household heating needs.

Quantum storage heating performance

Quantum storage heaters represent a significant leap in efficiency, usability and performance when compared to previous generations of Dimplex heaters. The key idea of the Quantum storage heater is to deliver warmth only when needed in order to prevent unnecessary energy waste and the higher bills incurred due to deficient heating systems.

Dimplex claims that Quantum heaters can exclusively use electricity during off-peak time periods to meet up to 90% of average household heating needs. This means that if you have been relying on regular electric heaters, switching to an Economy 7 tariff and installing Quantum heaters around your house could net you up to a 47% yearly saving on heating costs.

We put the Quantum on for an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon to take the chill off the room and it does not run out in the evenings.
A Herefordshire Quantum user

The Quantum line did not earn the Dimplex flagship spot without merit. When an independent testing company compared them with existing storage heaters, Quantum models proved to be up to 27% more cost-effective to run.

Dimplex Quantum features

The Quantum line is designed to be similar in size when compared to older models. This is extremely convenient because it means they will easily cover up the mounting holes left behind once the old heaters are removed.

The Quantum line also features an easy to read and use display which makes programming the built-in seven-day heat planner a breeze. With it, you can easily account for holidays and other times you are away with dedicated modes that take into account reduced heating needs while ensuring frost is kept at bay.

The understated design of Quantum heaters means that they can unobtrusively fit into most rooms, not just aesthetically but also practically speaking. This heater line has different sizes to match different power ratings, meaning that it can fit everywhere from your living room to your bathroom.

Dimplex has significant confidence in the maintenance-free promise they make in their brochure because the Quantum gets a 10-year warranty across the board.

Dimplex Quantum cost

Quantum Heater prices begin at just under £700 and top off at over £960. The price increases with the heating capacity that each model offers. There are five power ratings to choose from:

  1. 1.1kW rating
  2. 1.56kW rating
  3. 2.2kW rating
  4. 2.76kW rating
  5. 3.3kW rating

These prices are for single heater units. Bear in mind that each room in your home will generally need a dedicated heater unit to sustain comfortable temperatures throughout the whole house.

For a five-bedroom house, you could expect to spend around £4,000-£6,000 to get set up with a state-of-the-art storage heating system. On the face of it, this may seem expensive but it is in line with other heating options, such as central heating, while being significantly cheaper than air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

At the same time, storage heaters are significantly easier to maintain than central heating and gas boilers. Storage heaters, like this Quantum model, only require the requisite electrical wiring to fully operate. On the other hand, a central heating system would require a gas-fired boiler and a water circuit running within the walls of the home to feed a radiator in a room.

I didn’t want the hassle of running gas in with more pipes, cutting holes in the walls, finding space for a boiler, not to mention the cost.
A London-based Quantum user

In terms of long term running costs, storage heaters handily outperform central heating because their maintenance requirements are significantly less intensive. Central heating systems need yearly detailed inspections carried out by gas safe engineers. Storage heaters only need an annual health check that can be quickly carried out by a qualified electrician.

High retention storage heaters and the environment

The fact that storage heaters use only electricity means that they are very much conducive to the renewable energy transition that the UK is embarking on. The British government recently announced earlier this year that it would look at ways to curtail natural gas use starting in 2025.

Another reason that storage heaters fit in nicely with green energy policies is that their use of dual-rate tariffs is very much suited to the new smart meters being rolled out all over the UK. Smart meters can easily change tariff modes at the drop of a hat, which is much more convenient than having to get a different meter installed when moving on or off Economy 7 pricing.

Critically storage heaters are able to consume electricity when demand is low which is a boon for renewable energy. One of the main challenges for green energy is to maintain a balanced supply over time. Solar and wind energy specifically vary greatly in terms of electrical output to the grid, creating periods when meeting demand could be a challenge even with a grid that’s fairly optimised for the ebb and flow of some renewable sources. Storage heaters go a long way to help the UK adapt to renewable energy supply in the future, especially if households start choosing them over natural gas options en masse.

Another notable environmental benefit for Dimplex heaters is that they are designed and manufactured in the UK. Not only does this mean they don’t have to be imported in from across the globe but also that they are made in accordance with UK law regarding waste management and safety practices such as the rigorous BEAB standards.

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