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First Utility: Energy, Reviews, Contact

First Utility at a Glance

  • First Utility is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK after the Big Six
  • Its fuel mix relies mostly on coal and natural gas
  • First Utility prices are very competitive, especially the one-year fixed offer
  • Its reputation is still being established and complaints take long to be resolved

About First Utility

First Utility was founded relatively recently, in 2008, by Mark Daeche, Darren Braham and Marcus Citron. Since 2012, Ian McCaig ( is its CEO. First Utility is now one of the largest independent energy suppliers in the UK, after the Big Six. It has around 200,000 customers, giving it a 10% share of the independent energy suppliers’ market but only a 0.46% share of the national electricity and gas market.

First Utility’s Fuel Mix

First Utility’s fuel mix rests mainly on natural gas (61.9%). Renewable energy fans will be disappointed, however, as First Utility offers very little renewable energy (3.7%). Below you can see their fuel mix figures for April 2017 to March 2018.

First Utility Tariffs & Prices

Energy prices are competitive with First Utility. Its iSave Fixed 2015 tariff is cheaper than most suppliers on the UK market; it claims to review its iSave Everyday tariff weekly to ensure it is below the national Big Six averages. This is accurate, though sometimes only by a few pounds. Here are estimated annual costs for the UK average dual-fuel consumption of 3,200 kWh for electricity and 13,500 kWh for gas.




Estimated annual cost


iSave Fixed 2015

- Fixed prices until 31 August 2015
- Payment by direct debit
- £30/fuel early exit fee
- Online account management



iSave Fixed 2016

- Fixed prices until 30 September 2016
- Payment by direct debit
- £30/fuel early exit fee
- Online account management



iSave Fixed 2017

- Fixed prices until 30 September 2017
- Payment by direct debit
- £30/fuel early exit fee
- Online account management



iSave Everyday

- Variable prices but always cheaper than the Big Six standard offers
- Payment by direct debit
- No early exit fees
- Online account management


Contact First Utility

First Utility’s customer service can be reached on 01926 320 700 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays. Operating hours are respectable compared to other energy suppliers.

Write to First Utility

First Utility customers can also write to the following address:
Customer Services
First Utility
PO Box 4360
CV34 9DB

First Utility Customer Reviews

Online, opinions diverge on First Utility. Customers tend to be happy with prices and billing but disappointed with customer service, as the number of complaints suggest. First Utility seems to have found its pricing niche compared to the Big Six but not in terms of customer care.

"I thought I got an estimated bill because I didn't sent my reading on the exact date but when I did I still got an estimated bill. It's frustrating to not have bills matching usage."

"When I call I'm always no. 30 or so in the queue and have never had to wait less that 45 min before speaking to an agent."

"I have been attempting to set up a direct debit order with First Utility for months now and they keep telling me it will work but it never does."


Between January and March 2014, First Utility received 8,680 complaints. While 91% were resolved within eight weeks, only 15% were resolved by the end of the first working day, which is a particularly low score when compared to other electricity and gas suppliers in the UK. First Utility does not give details on what customers complain about but writes that most complaints are about billing.