Spark Energy: Customer Reviews, Login, Contact

Spark Energy: Customer Reviews, Login, Contact

Spark Energy at a Glance

  • Spark Energy was a mid-sized independent supplier that Closed Down in 2018
  • Its fuel mix relied mostly on coal and natural gas, reflecting UK averages
  • Customer reviews were critical, though complaints performance was good

Spark Energy History - From Boom to Bust

Spark Energy entered the UK electricity and gas market in 2007 by working with letting agents to make it easier for tenants to move into their new homes. With 95,500 customers, it was a mid-sized independent energy supplier on the UK market (4.7% share of the UK independent energy suppliers’ market) but remains a small supplier in the grander scheme of things (0.23% total market share). Spark Energy was growing quickly and had a turnover of over £80 million and employed 200 staff.

However, in 2018 Spark collapsed and was forced to shut up shop, leaving 290,000 customers without a supplier. OFGEM appointed green supplier OVO Energy to take over Spark's customers. The reason for their demise was in part Spark's failure to pay their renewable energy subsidy payment by the 31st October 2018 deadline. In the same year, seven other energy suppliers also went bust, marking a difficult year for the energy industry.

Spark Energy’s Fuel Mix

Over half of the energy Spark Energy supplies rests on coal, as can be seen in the following fuel mix distribution chart. Spark Energy’s share of natural gas was above the UK average (27.7%) but its use of nuclear and renewables was below UK averages (20.6% and 11.3%).


Spark Energy’s current electricity and gas prices

Only through the Direct Debit Advance tariff does Spark Energy’s electricity and gas prices become truly competitive. Indeed, other tariffs tend to be relatively expensive. Furthermore, Spark Energy does not offer fixed tariffs. Here are the estimated annual energy costs for a London-based home with an average electricity (3,200 kWh per year) and gas (13,500 kWh per year) consumption.

Tariff name Conditions Estimated annual cost (dual fuel)
Direct Debit Saver - Variable tariff
- Payment by monthly direct debit
- £12 per fuel dual-fuel discount
Monthly Premium - Variable tariff
- Monthly payment by cash, cheque or card
- £12 per fuel dual-fuel discount
Pay As You Go Saver - Variable tariff
- Prepayment
- £12 per fual dual-fuel discount
Direct Debit Advance - Variable tariff
- 1 month advance required
- Payment by monthly direct debit
- Online account management
- Dual fuel customers only
- Winter premium applies

Contacting Spark Energy

Need to call Spark Energy?

Customers who do not need to speak to an agent can call Spark Energy’s automated service, which was open 24 hours a day and can be reached on 0845 130 8966. Otherwise, Spark Energy customer care was available Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 2pm on 0845 034 7474 or 0333 321 4022. This was very respectable compared to other energy suppliers.

Need to write to Spark Energy?

Letters to Spark Energy can be sent to the following postal address:
Ettrick Riverside
Dunsdale Road

Spark Energy customer reviews

Spark Energy’s complaints performance

Spark Energy receives a surprisingly high number of complaints for an independent electricity and gas supplier. However, complaints get resolved quickly compared to other energy suppliers. In the first quarter of 2014 (January-March), of the 3,131 complaints sent to Spark Energy, 88.4% were resolved by the end of the next working day, a very high score for a small energy supplier. Spark Energy further states that most complaints concern billing (31%), followed by customer setup (16%), customer service (14%), payments (14%) and metering (7%).

What Spark Energy customers say

While Spark Energy customers are happy about the supplier’s value for money, Spark Energy was highly criticised by customers online. Customer service was claimed to be poor, as was complaints handling (which was surprising given the speed at which they are resolved). Billing was less of an issue but was still the object of many comments on online forums.

"Staff are polite and help insofar as possible, which is all I really expect from my supplier."
"Spark Energy was a little slow to begin with but have improved with time: if you're patient you get good service."
"Only when I logged an official complaint and threatened to contact the ombudsman did Spark Energy react to my complaint."
"Bills were never adjusted to real consumption and it took months to get a refund on what we overpaid."