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The UK energy market is one of the most mature markets when it comes to deregulation of the gas and electricity industry. UK households have some of the highest switching rates in Europe thanks to many companies that assist in the provider switching process. With global warming and energy independence issues gaining more and more visibility, clean power that is generated on the British Isles has been gaining traction these past few years.

Recent energy articles

Ofgem energy price cap decrease

Ofgem has announced a decrease in their energy price cap which was introduced earlier this year. However, there are grumblings accusing Ofgem of government interventionism coming from big energy suppliers. Who are we supposed to trust? Find out if you will actually save

Bulb price increase

Bulb Energy has been enjoying growing popularity amongst UK households. Will the recent price increase on their single tariff change that? Find out how much more

Cheapest green energy suppliers

Sustainable energy being expensive is a myth nowadays. TheSwitch digs deep to find which renewable electricity suppliers provide the most value for money. Find out who is cheapest

How green are UK energy suppliers?

If all electricity (dirty and clean) comes through the same national grid how can we tell which companies use renewables and which ones don't. Take a look at the environmental impact of wind, solar and hydroelectric power. Find out more about renewables

Which energy supplier is your spirit animal?

A fun look at UK renewable energy suppliers and their personas. Will you find your match? Find out who's who

Renewable Energy can change the world

A deep dive into charities and non-profit organisations that harness the power of renewable energy to provide reliable electricity to more people around the world. Find out how to help

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