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Npower Business Energy

Every business can benefit from sourcing renewable energy for its day-to-day operations. Whether you’re an up and coming coffee shop or a well-established textiles business, being able to tell customers and clients that you run on 100% green energy can be a key differentiator. Npower provides business energy tariffs that are independently-verified and fully-compliant with zero-carbon standards in the UK.

Matching consumed power with renewables

With a green business tariff, you will be able to match the power you use with an equivalent amount of kilowatt hours of renewable power. Most businesses are eager to proudly display their green energy credentials to potential customers.

Larger businesses have energy generation facilities on their premises which gives them control over their energy supply by choosing between solar, wind or hydroelectric. However, for many businesses, onsite energy generation just isn’t a realistic option.


Growing businesses without onsite generation can still be part of the renewable energy transition by working with Npower to obtain Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates. These account for the amount of electricity your business uses and ensures it is being matched with an equal amount of electricity generated from green sources.

REGO certificates validate every 1000 kWh of renewable energy generated within the the UK.

Did you know?What about Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD)?

The Fuel Mix Disclosure period runs from April to March and will take into account energy use that took place within that period. This will affect businesses differently depending on how seasonal they are. Npower matches their clients’ consumption with the requisite number of REGO certificates.

UK zero-carbon standards

Npower’s REGO-backed business energy offers are accredited by EcoAct, an established worldwide leader in sustainability reporting and environmental impact management. Being accredited in this way ensures that:

  1. Npower’s policies and procedures surrounding their Business Renewable offering are compliant with GHG Protocol Quality Criteria.
  2. The Fuel Mix Disclosure has been independently verified.

The end result for Npower clients is that they can confidently stand by a zero carbon emission claim. This is based on the GHG Protocol market-based standard which is internationally recognised by the World Resource Institute as part of its Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance of 2015.

Npower works with EcoAct so clients can be confident about the renewable sourcing of their energy supply. Thanks to REGO certificates businesses can report zero carbon emissions from their energy supply without needing any additional certification or evidence.

Npower renewable business energy

These are the key points that Npower brings to the table:

  1. Every megawatt-hour of electricity consumed by a business will have an individual and non-transferrable REGO certificate accounting for it.
  2. Power generated in the UK is matched by REGOs.
  3. This is available for both fixed rate and variable tariffs.

Why go green with Npower?

Businesses supplied by Npower will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Npower is a one-stop shop for renewable energy
  2. . Having to get separate zero carbon emission certification is a thing of the past with them.
  3. You will be able to easily display your renewable credentials with the Renewable Energy EcoAct Assured label.
  4. Peace of mind from knowing that Npower is independently validated by EcoAct, a recognised transnational sustainability reporting leader.
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