iSupply Energy


iSupply Energy in a nutshell

  1. iSupply Energy is an independent electricity supplier. It does not have gas offers.
  2. It only has one fixed-price electricity tariff that is competitive compared to other suppliers.
  3. But complaints performance has fallen sharply over the last quarter.

iSupply Energy’s recent arrival on the UK electricity and gas market

iSupply Energy arrived on the UK energy market in August 2012. At the moment it does not have dual fuel or gas offers; its products are limited to electricity. Nevertheless, it is around 28,500 customers, which gives it a 1.4% share of UK market of independent electricity and gas suppliers (though only an 0.07% share of the total electricity and gas market).

iSupply Energy’s fuel mix

No information is available on the iSupply Energy fuel mix, which still seems under Ofgem review. However, iSupply Energy’s fuel mix is likely to be similar to the average UK fuel mix (a mix of coal, natural gas, nuclear and, to a lesser extent, renewables), since the supplier does not promote green or renewable energy in any particular way.

iSupply Energy’s current prices

There is only one tariff available with iSupply Energy: the iFix tariff with guaranteed prices for a year. It is one of the cheapest options among the independent electricity and gas suppliers but comes with conditions: iSupply Energy imposes monthly direct debit and online account management to all customers to reduce costs and offer relatively cheap electricity prices. The following is the average UK estimated annual cost for iSupply Energy’s iFix based on an electricity consumption of 3,200 kWh.

Tariff name


Estimated annual cost

Tariff comparison rate


- Fixed prices for 12 months
- £30 early exit fee
- Payment by monthly direct debit
- Online account management (paperless billing only)


14p per kWh

Contacting iSupply Energy

Calling iSupply Energy

Customers can reach iSupply Energy by telephone on 0330 2020298. Unsurprisingly, since iSupply Energy requests customers to manage their accounts online, customer care operating hours are limited compared to other electricity and gas suppliers: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.

Writing to iSupply Energy

Customers can also write to iSupply Energy at the following postal address:
iSupply Energy
Richmond House
Richmond Hill

iSupply Energy customer reviews

iSupply Energy complaints performance

In the first quarter of 2014, iSupply Energy received 245 complaints, of which only 11% were resolved at the end of the following day. This disappointing performance is surprising given that over the three previous quarters, between 98% and 100% of complaints were resolved before the end of the following day. Compared to other electricity and gas suppliers, at 859 complaints per 100,000 customers iSupply Energy receives more complaints than most independent energy suppliers but fewer than the Big Six.

What customers say about iSupply Energy

Unfortunately, there are not enough online reviews of iSupply Energy’s service to be able to establish certain trends on customer care, billing, payment options, accuracy of charges, etc.