iSupply Energy goes bust - were you affected?

iSupply Energy was a high-performing independent energy supplier that went bust in 2020 and its customers have since been switched - what happened? How were its customers affected? Get all the answers you need below.

About iSupply

In this section, we’ll focus on addressing some common questions related to iSupply Energy in the hope of allaying any doubts you may have::

What happened to iSupply?

In March 2020, iSupply’s parent company, Vattenfall, reached an agreement with Big Six giant EDF Energy to transfer its customers to this provider. iSupply will no longer take on new customers. The transfer was scheduled to begin in April and most customers were to be switched to EDF by the end of June.

I was an iSupply customer - how have I been affected?

If you were an iSupply customer, you should already have been switched to your new supplier and it won’t have affected you a great deal. EDF should have contacted you already to welcome you, but your supply won’t have been interrupted at any stage and the provider has promised to honour existing iSupply contracts, so unless your contract was due to come to an end between then and now you’ll be on the same terms.

Not happy with being switched to EDF Energy?Fortunately, the deal you’ve been switched to is the same in all aspects except in that it contains no exit fee or early termination charge - meaning you’re free to switch whenever you want.

iSupply Energy reviews

So, iSupply is no longer taking on new customers, but will it be missed? We’ve taken a look at iSupply energy reviews online to see what customers have had to say about the provider and, on the surface at least, it looks extremely positive. Across 10,000 ratings on the consumer review site Trustpilot, iSupply scores an impressive 4.1 out of 5 stars, with more than half of iSupply reviews scoring the provider the best rating of 5 stars.

It is certainly true that iSupply energy reviews have in the past been overwhelmingly positive, and that many customers will be sorry to see it go and move on to another provider. More recently, however, reviews have taken a turn for the worse, with a slew of negative reviews bringing up the proportion of bad ratings to around 20%.

Most of the negative reviews we see for iSupply are very recent, posted after the company ceased operations, and are mostly related to customers’ final bills. It seems that iSupply has made a bit of a hash of closing customers’ accounts, and customers are having their say on the matter:

I left iSupply in April to another provider for my gas. They issued a final bill which I paid in June. Come September I have a debt collection company ringing me daily for a further payment. Apparently iSupply reviewed and amended the final bill in August (4 months after I left them) and raised a further debit. They didn’t tell me, just sent a message via the online account (which I no longer use as I’m not a customer), and a month later appoint collectors. Complained but no one appears the slightest bit interested.

Many iSupply energy reviews report similar treatment and complaint resolution in such instances seems to have fallen by the wayside, as the provider no longer has to worry about maintaining a public image in order to gain more customers. Sadly, it seems that for all the good iSupply did when it was operational, it will be remembered for poor treatment of customers as it went about closing their accounts.

iSupply tariffs

The names of iSupply tariffs would suggest that the provider offers green energy, which we’re a big fan of, but we could find no information on iSupply’s website to vouch for its green credentials. We’re not sure how much the provider sourced from renewable energy or whether it engaged in carbon offsetting as a part of its offer, as it did not seem to disclose its fuel mix or offer any explanation as to why its deals bore the word ‘Green’.

In terms of price, however, iSupply’s fixed tariff did compare well with the market on the whole and fell well below Ofgem’s price cap for annual dual fuel. There are plenty of deals out there that are just as cheap, however, and offer proof of their green fuel sourcing!

You will have stayed on the same rate after being switched to EDF for the length of your initial iSupply deal. If the contract on your iSupply tariff came to an end, however, you will have been switched automatically to an EDF tariff on a different rate and could be paying much more.

Fuel mix

iSupply did not seem to release information about its fuel mix, which is a concerning sign. It may have been under investigation by Ofgem when the provider went bust. We can, however, show customers the fuel mix of their new provider. Here is where EDF sources its power from:

- Coal Natural gas Nuclear Renewables Other
EDF Energy average 3.5% 9.3% 66.6% 20.5% 0.1%
National average 3.9% 39.4% 16.6% 37.9% 2.2%

As you can see, iSupply customers have been switched to a tariff that is largely sourced from nuclear energy. Many think of this as a cleaner than burning fossil fuels, and with few major suppliers offering energy sourced from renewables such as wind or solar energy, it could be an affordable alternative for those looking to lessen their carbon footprint.

iSupply login

iSupply energy customers were encouraged to manage their account online via the website, but the company did not go to the lengths of releasing a mobile app to make life easier for its customers. With their iSupply login, customers could do the following via its website:

  • Manage their energy account whenever they like.
  • Submit meter readings, meaning their bills accurately matched their energy use.
  • View and pay their bills.
  • Message iSupply directly.

Though fairly basic, these iSupply login features covered all of its customers’ basic needs, and historic iSupply reviews show few signs of dissatisfaction with managing their account, so it must have worked reasonably well.

Customers can no longer use their iSupply login, however, and should already have been contacted by EDF to set up an account with their new provider. If you were with iSupply and you haven’t yet been contacted, contact EDF to find out what you need to do.

Do iSupply do smart meters?

Former customers of the provider were able to request an iSupply smart meter as part of their energy deal, but as the company has gone bust these are not much use to anyone at the moment. When customers were switched to EDF, iSupply smart meters lost their smart functionality - and this has nothing to do with EDF, it will be the case with whichever provider you switch to.

The meter will still record your usage, but it won’t send readings automatically. The iSupply website says that there’s a programme underway to put this right - for more information, we would advise you to call EDF to get a smart meter fitted.

Warm home discount

iSupply customers were formerly only able to receive the Warm Home Discount if they qualified as a member of the Core Group. These customers will have been contacted by the government and had the £140 discount applied automatically to their bill.

For customers who have been switched to EDF, this is still the case, but they are now also able to apply for the discount as a member of the Broader Group. You can apply for the discount via the EDF website, and you’ll have to do it every year, as you’re not guaranteed to still be eligible next year and the discount is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

iSupply contact number

If you’re looking for an iSupply contact number, you may be on a bit of a wild goose chase, though you’re welcome to try using the one we’ve provided in the table below. If you were an iSupply customer and you’re looking inquire about your account, it’s likely you’ve already been switched to EDF and we’ve included their number in case you’d like to inquire with them:

Department iSupply contact number Opening hours
iSupply customer services 0330 202 0298 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
EDF account inquiries 0333 200 5100 Monday to Fridays, 8am to 8pm; Saturdays, 8am to 2pm

Customers that have been switched from iSupply to EDF will at least be pleased with the improved flexibility of getting in touch with them. If you would rather write to them, you can contact iSupply at or EDF offer the more modern option of sending a message via Whatsapp to 07480 802942 and a member of its team will get back to you.

Looking for a number to use in case of an emergency?Former iSupply customers, regardless of their current supplier, should report gas emergencies by calling 0800 111 999, which is a 24-hour emergency line for customers of any provider. To report a power cut, call 105.

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