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Ebico: Review, Energy Tariffs, Login & Contact


Ebico are a long-running energy supplier on a mission to help customers struggling with fuel poverty. Whilst their main selling point is their social conscience, they're also doing their bit for the environment by committing to supply renewable energy to their customers.

At The Switch, we rate the UK's green energy suppliers on their customer service, tariffs, pricing and account management to help you decide which supplier to choose. So how do Ebico compare to the rest? Read on to find out!

Ebico at a Glance

  • Electricity: 100% renewable
  • Gas: 0% green gas
  • Based: Oxfordshire
  • Founded: 1998
  • Customers: 60,000 (2018)
  • Ebico is a non-profit energy company
  • Help customers in fuel poverty
  • Good scores on review websites
  • Wide range of tariffs
  • One of the cheaper green suppliers

Ebico Customer Reviews

Ebico fares pretty well on review websites such as Trustpilot with a TrustScore rating of 7.9 out of 10. There are plenty of happy customers who praise Ebico's customer service and comment on how friendly, polite and helpful staff are. Others have also commented on how short their call wait times with customers managing to get through to a customer service representative quickly on most occassions.

“Very good customer service, they answer emails & usually answer the phone reasonably quickly - a refreshing change to most utility companies.”
Peter C. (Trustpilot)

On the flipside, however Ebico has its fair share of unhappy customers who have posted reviews online. A handful of angry customers contradict our findings above, with some frustrated at slow email replies and "horrible, rude staff". Others have complained of long delays in sorting out issues and long call waiting times.

“The waiting period when phoning is unacceptably long and their response to issues is slow and incompetent.”
Anne T. (Trustpilot)

All in all then, it appears that it's something of a lottery as to how good a customer service you receive from Ebico. On the whole it appears most customers are pretty happy with their service, but it's worth being aware that complaints and frustrated customers are quite a common occurance. Despite that, they hold a "Good" rating on Trustpilot with an average of 4 out of 5 stars from almost 1500 reviews - certainly better than many suppliers!

About Ebico

Ebico was founded in 1998 with a clear mission - to help customers struggling with fuel poverty. They wanted to do all they could to provide the people of Britain with affordable energy to heat, light and power their homes. Ebico's mission was to help households with low incomes, many below the poverty line, who were also spending too much on their energy bills through no fault of their own.

To begin with, Ebico originally teamed up with Southern Electric PLC (SSE) to supply their energy under the Ebico brand name. In fact, this partnership was the first of its kind in the UK after the energy market was liberalised in the late nineties to increase competition and allow new suppliers to enter the industry.

In 2016, they started a new partnership with Robin Hood Energy who are another socially-concious supplier run by Nottingham City Council. Robin Hood Energy now supply Ebico customers with renewably-sourced energy, under the Ebico name and with Ebico customer service.

As of 2018, Ebico has grown to around 60,000 customers, which whilst significant, still makes them one of the smaller green suppliers.

Ebico Energy - Fuel Mix

As of 2018, Ebico sources 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. This includes both individual wind power and solar power generators that they buy energy from directly and also green energy wholesale providers.

Ebico Tariffs & Prices

Ebico offer seven main tariffs or "energy plans" as they refer to them. This includes variable, fixed and prepay options.

  • Ebico Zero Green Fixed v2 (Credit Meters only)
  • Ebico Prime 12 Fixed v2
  • Ebico Prime 18 Fixed v2
  • Ebico Evergreen 12 Fixed v2
  • Ebico Evergreen
  • Ebico Standard
  • Ebico PrePay (PAYG Meters only)

To help us compare against other green suppliers, let's take a look at an example tariff and Ebico's prices for a typical 3 bedroom home in London. This is based on the UK average annual energy usage of 3,100 kWh of electricity and 12,500 kWh of gas.

  Ebico Prime 12 Fixed v2 (Electricity) Ebico Prime 12 Fixed v2 (Gas)
Type of tariff Dual fuel - Fixed for 12 months
Renewable electricity 100% -
Green gas - -
Exit fees £30 per fuel
Minimum term 12 months
Unit rate 14.56p per kWh 3.51p per kWh
Standing charge 30.03p per day 32.14p per day
Monthly cost £89 per month
Total yearly cost (3 bed house London) £1,071

Prices correct as of December 2018

Using the above estimate as a comparison, Ebico is not one of the cheapest green suppliers in 2018, falling behind suppliers such as Pure Planet (£926), Octopus Energy (£962) and Bulb (£1,109) for equal usage.

However, they're also not the most expensive and are cheaper than suppliers such as Bristol Energy (£1,187) and Tonik Energy (£1,124) respectively.

Business Tariffs

Ebico do not currently offer any business tariffs.

Contact Ebico

Ebico make contacting them a breeze and provide plenty of contact details. You can get in touch with Ebico by phone, email, social media or by writing to them. Plus, unlike many suppliers, their customer service phone number is open late - until 8pm on weekday evenings.

Ebico Phone Number
0800 028 6699
Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm



Social Media
Facebook icon Twitter icon
Write to

Customers can also write to Ebico at the following address:

Ebico Ltd, PO Box 10461, Nottingham, NG1 9JS

Ebico Login

Customers of Ebico can access their bills and account online on the Ebico website.

Login to your Ebico Account

Once logged in to your Ebico account, you can:

  • Submit meter readings
  • View your bills
  • View past energy usage
  • Make bill payments
  • Update contact details
  • Update your contact preferences