Smaller suppliers

Besides the Big Six (British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power and SSE), there are 35 smaller suppliers on the UK market. Together, these smaller suppliers have 2 million customers and account for 5% of the UK electricity and gas market.

There are several reasons why one would pick a smaller supplier for electricity and/or gas:

  • They are often cheaper than the Big Six.
  • They often specialise in a specific fuel (e.g., renewable energy).
  • They often have local history, having started in a specific county.

There are also several reasons why one would not pick a smaller supplier:

  • Smaller energy suppliers have smaller call-centres and customer care may not be as reliable.
  • It is often more difficult to get energy-saving advice from smaller suppliers.
  • Some smaller suppliers only provide one fuel (electricity or gas).
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