Atlantic in a nutshell

  • Atlantic is one of SSE’s subsidiaries.
  • Atlantic prices are relatively expensive.
  • Atlantic customer service reputation is good.

Atlantic, an SSE subsidiary

Atlantic is an SSE subsidiary. The UK energy giant bought Atlantic in 2004. At the time, the independent energy supplier has just over 300,000 customers. SSE itself stems from the merger between the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board and the Southern Electricity Board in 1998. SSE as we know it rebranded itself in 2010.

One of the big six electricity and gas suppliers in the United Kingdom, SSE is involved in energy production, distribution and supply. The supplier employs 18,500 people; Alistair Philips-Davies is its CEO. 2013 revenue was £28 billion; SSE had 9.6 million domestic and business customers.

As an SSE subsidiary, Atlantic uses SSE’s fuel mix.

Atlantic current energy prices

Atlantic offers a single, variable, energy tariff. Prices change depending on the selected payment method (direct debit, payment on receipt of bill or prepayment) and billing options (paper or paperless). It is a relatively expensive electricity and gas supplier compared to regional and national competition.

Below is a June 2014 snapshot of estimated annual bills in GBP for a household with an average UK energy consumption, i.e., 3,200 kWh for electricity and 13,500 kWh for gas.

Payment method: Direct debit and paperless bills Direct debit and paper bills Quarterly on demand and paperless bills Quarterly on demand and paper bills Pay as you go
Great Britain 1174.31 1185.79 1254.81 1266.29 1266.29
Northern Scotland 1202.63 1214.11 1283.13 1294.61 1294.61
West Midlands 1163.22 1174.70 1243.72 1255.20 1255.20
South East 1185.11 1196.59 1265.61 1277.09 1277.09
South Wales 1205.14 1216.62 1285.64 1297.12 1297.12
Southern Scotland 1134.15 1145.63 1214.65 1226.13 1226.13
Eastern 1144.95 1156.43 1225.45 1236.93 1236.93
Yorkshire 1134.15 1145.63 1214.65 1226.13 1226.13
Merseyside & North Wales 1213.43 1224.91 1293.93 1305.41 1305.41
London 1178.07 1189.55 1258.57 1270.05 1270.05
North West 1170.26 1181.74 1250.76 1262.24 1262.24
North East 1156.47 1167.95 1236.97 1248.45 1248.45
East Midlands 1134.15 1145.63 1214.65 1226.13 1226.13
South West 1219.99 1231.47 1300.49 1311.97 1311.97
Southern 1198.61 1210.09 1279.11 1290.59 1290.59

Contacting Atlantic

By telephone

Atlantic has several telephone numbers, depending on the topic at hand. Some phone numbers have automated servers (e.g., meter readings). Atlantic telephone customer care operating hours are relatively long. It is also useful to know that many issues can be dealt with directly online from customer accounts.


Contact number(s)

Operating hours

Switching to Atlantic

0800 028 3028

0845 070 2134 (installations)

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

Moving home

0800 107 9639

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

Meter readings

0800 107 3205



0800 980 9649


Pay as you go

0800 980 0419 (electricity)

0800 980 0420 (gas)

0800 980 2841 (moving house)

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

General enquiries

0800 980 8437

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-2pm

National Gas Service Emergency Line

0800 111 999


By post

Letters to Atlantic can be sent to the following postal address:

Atlantic Electric and Gas
Inveralmond House
200 Dunkeld Road

Atlantic customer reviews

Atlantic complaints performance

Complaints performance for all of SSE’s brands and subsidiaries is centralised, including that of Atlantic. From January to March 2014 SSE received 217,253 complaints; it resolved 82% of these complaints by the end of the next day. This is a relatively good score when compared to other electricity and gas suppliers in Great Britain.

What Atlantic customers say

Atlantic customers are surprisingly positive about customer care for an energy supplier, be it in terms of customer service, bill clarity and options, pricing, etc.

Selected positive reviews about Atlantic

I’ve been with Atlantic for 5 years and called them for a billing issue. I had to hold for a while but the customer care agent was very comprehensive and patient in replying to my query.

No complaints about Atlantic, especially after they switched me to a newer, cheaper, tariff automatically!

When I looked to see if I could save money by switching from Atlantic, I realised I would, but only about £40 per year, so they’re quite competitive overall.

Selected negative reviews about Atlantic

I’m satisfied overall but find it a pity that the online account system doesn’t work better. I’ve been trying to enter a meter reading for three months now and still can’t.

I switched to Atlantic but heard nothing from them about accounts, date, billing, etc. It’s from my former supplier that I was informed!

Disappointing! The fixed tariff end date changed randomly to March rather than August and since there is an exit fee we definitely lost out.

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