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Moving the UK into a clean and renewable energy future cannot happen unless new technologies are adopted to disrupt antiquated gas and electricity industry practices which are currently holding the country back. Below you can find recent information about cutting-edge development in the energy industry, both in the UK and abroad.

Recent technology articles


Electric Ferry in Denmark

Denmark is leading way with developing a brand new maritime vessel that is able to be powered by renewable electricity and still carry large numbers of people and cars. Read more about this unique electric ship

Smart meter disadvantages

The smart meter rollout has been touted as revolutionary by successive governments but let's evaluate how successful smart meters have been. Find out more about the downsides of smart meters.

Tiny homes in the UK

Tiny homes have been on trend over the pond for a while and now they are starting to take off in the UK too. Let's take a look at how much they cost, how they can powered and where you can put them in our exclusive UK tiny house deep dive.

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