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Protecting the environment takes far more than raising awareness or enthusiastic activism. National and international organisations and societies make resources available to improve both the environment and reduce the impact of natural disasters around the world.

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What progress are we making on the climate?

Find out where we're at with responding to the challenges posed by climate change. This overview will give you all the key facts to understand what's at stake.

United Nations Environmental Programme

The UN is a vital global organisation committed to promoting human wellbeing around the world. Climate change is an increasing driver in suffering and poverty around the world which is something the United Nations takes seriously.Find out what the UN brings to the table

Environmentally-friendly palm oil

Sustainably produced palm oil can be a reality around the world. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil or RSPO is an industry leading organisation that helps raise awareness.

Natural hazards center

The Natural Hazards Center is a U.S based research think tank that works with disaster relief and first responder organisations both nationally and internationally to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.Find out more

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